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Forest Town (2)

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# 1GenPtah Mar 27 2012, 07:07 AM
Hello guys, I'm sorry to be bothering you but I was wondering if you could help me test my map a bit. I made it for the Map Pack Test Tourney #1 and it was included until the last minute when I discovered a big bug with it and it was pulled back.
The Map Pack Tester Tourney #2 is going to beguin soon and I wanted to enter my map in the contest but I would really like if the map was tested by some high lvl guys so they could give me some feedback on the tactical side of the map.

This is the link to the forum where the discussion of the map is:
Forest Town (2)

I appreciate your help and look forward to any constructive critique you may have.
Thank you.

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# 2iLoveYouForever Mar 27 2012, 12:39 PM
i cant play 1v1 sad.gif

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