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Rise of the Witch King

Adding BFME2 Campaigns to 2.02

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# 1Anfauglith Jan 7 2018, 15:40 PM
First, I would like to thanks the 2.02 team, I've been playing RotWK again and you've done an awesome job.

Now, I'm not really into PVP multiplayer, but I enjoy quite a lot the campaign. Only sour thing, I can't play the original BFME2 campaign with 2.02.

[Modding sound]
Tada : https://www.nexusmods.com/lordoftheringsbat...earth2/mods/558

More seriously...

1) Should 2.02 add support for the original BFME2 campaign and thus become "THE" ultimate bfme2 version

2)And does anyone knows how to add -and not replace- buttons in the main menu to launch said campaigns.

I'm looking forward to the community opinions.

Keep up the good work.

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