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Line of Sight

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# 1Ang3lic Oct 21 2007, 18:28 PM
[h1]Line of Sight[/h1]

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Hello everyone & welcome to today's Tip of the Day. First, line of sight is something that is mandatory & important in all RTS or RTT games. It a realistic view of objects in your current force sight. But thus view has a certain limit depending on your units. Helios have 2x the sight of an Infantry unit because the Helio is in the air, observing units at great distances. In WiC, you can see any enemy forces that are in your units vision by two ways. One way is through the Megamap where you will see enemy & allied icons and the other way is through battle view where you can actually see unit details & also icons.

There is also a distance measure where you & your allies can see where you are heading if the location you have selected is outside or in your line of site. This form of destination view is a green arrow which will be shown if your going great distances from your current location.

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