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Attacking Ground On Infantry

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# 1Ang3lic Oct 22 2007, 00:27 AM
[h1]Attack Ground on Infantry[/h1]

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Hello everyone & welcome to today's tip of the day. Ever got tired of those enemy infantry shooting at your Heavy Helios & wonder how you can get rid of the punks. Or have you ever needed one more missile to get that badly damage artillery but can't because that stupid unit of infantry got rid of your last hope. Well seek no more because today I'm going to show you how to effectively use the attack ground in dire situations.

First off, if you spot infantry in the forest or on normal ground always make sure you have your Helios set to hold fire because you don't want to fall short of missiles because your Heavy Helios were attacking a previous enemy. You select attack ground & wait until you get in range of the enemy infantry where the circle, your attack radius, is so small it fits the size of the enemy units.

Next, don't attack when your right above the unit, your Helios won't attack because realistically, they can't fire missiles if the missile pods are in front of the Heavy Helio. Then click right on the spot the enemy Infantry are located & congrats; you just got rid of the enemy infantry.

Have a fun time playing everyone!

By: ViRuS

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# 2NightBane Oct 22 2007, 15:15 PM
Nice tip tbh whistling.gif

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# 3Tae1 Nov 12 2007, 19:53 PM
Basicaly it's forcing fire on them. Nice. smile.gif

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# 4StiL ReY Nov 12 2007, 20:40 PM
Also when infantry are in the open you can zoom in and take out the one guy with the AA gun so they cant attack your helis anymore thumb.gif

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# 5Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:45 PM
interesting, though i never have a problem with fighting infantry, this would be useful to new players of the game.

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