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Heat Rounds

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# 1xFactor Nov 14 2007, 05:36 AM
[h1]HEAT Rounds[/h1]

Hello and welcome to this week’s TotW where over the next few weeks we will focus on unit special abilities. Today, we will take a look at the HEAT round found on the Heavy Tank, probably the single best unit ability in the game! The HEAT round is an Offensive capability found on all of the factions Heavy Tanks. The HEAT round of the Heavy tank is devastating against lightly armoured units such as Troop Transports and even Anti-Air units but is more or less useless against heavily armoured tanks.

IPB Image

Reload time - 30 secs; 26 (Level 1 Veterancy); 21 (Level 2 Vet); 17 (Level 3 Vet) 14 (Level 4 Vet)

It can be a devastating ability if you know how to use it properly. I see a lot of people using it frequently on any tank they meet head on, which is almost useless! It is best used against Troops Transports/Trucks as it can kill them in more or less 1 shot (guaranteed if they are slightly damaged). However it useful against many units on the ground not just those that have the weakest armour, this can really help you take out units a lot quicker on the ground.

The HEAT round can be used on all units on the ground however, there are some exceptions. NEVER waste a HEAT round on Medium or Heavy tanks! There is only one exception to this rule - IF YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU ARE FACING THE REAR ARMOUR! HEAT rounds only do any significant damage to Medium and less so to Heavy tanks if you can hit at least their side or ideally the rear, this can help give you an edge in a tank on tank battle. The same applies to other ground units; if possible always aim for the back, it does a lot more damage!

IPB Image
Only use the HEAT round against Medium/Heavy Tanks if you’re guaranteed a hit against the side or ideally the rear armour

Enemy support units (all AA, Artillery and Repair tanks) are the best targets when using the HEAT round, it does some significant damage to these units. The HEAT round is also useful against Armoured & Amphibious tank transports and Light Tanks, meaning you can quickly damage masses of Light Tanks swarming you without breaking sweat!

IPB Image
Heavy AA units can quickly be dispatched with HEAT rounds!

It gets even better, HEAT rounds are somewhat if unintentionally effective against pesky exposed infantry in the field! The ability can sometimes kill up to half of the squad if it’s a good hit, however it is best not to waste the ability on Infantry (better to run them over) and keep it for armoured units unless it is a last desperate measure to take out Anti-Tank Infantry units from range.

Another useful thing to note is that sometimes the round is fired separately from the main gun, meaning you can fire a SABOT round as normal and then quickly fire a HEAT round without waiting for the reload at the same target, potentially killing it quicker!

That concludes this week’s tip, next week we will stay with tanks and take a look at the Medium Tank’s special ability. Remember, you can submit your own tips here which may end up on the WiC portal!

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# 2Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:49 PM
i havent found any use for these in 1.5

sorry sad.gif

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# 3Lynx AH-7 Feb 3 2008, 00:09 AM
QUOTE(PIT Smart @ Feb 2 2008, 15:49 PM) *

i havent found any use for these in 1.5

sorry sad.gif

Well bear in mind the tip was wrote in 1.3 days nevermind 1.4/1.5. I still think HEAT Rounds are pretty useful at taking out AA units etc tho smile.gif

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