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Anti-Infantry Shells

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# 1Yellow2Bellow Nov 20 2007, 20:53 PM
[h1]Anti-Infantry Shells[/h1]

Welcome back to the WiC portal’s TotW. As promised, we will take a look at the special ability of the Medium Tank, the Anti-Infantry Shell which believe it or not, is designed to take out Infantry out in the open.

Firstly it’s probably best to add a little bit of info about the tank that uses this round, the Medium Tank. The smaller cousin of the Heavy Tank, it’s all round fighting machine which can hold its own against most units it comes up against, combining decent speed, range and armour to good effect.

However, a single Heavy Tank can easily take out a squadron of Medium Tanks without breaking sweat! Think of the Medium Tank as the Jack of all Trades but the Master of Nothing, being versatile isn’t always an advantage on the battlefield.

White Phosphorus Shell (USA and NATO); Frag-HE Shell (USSR)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload times - 40 secs (34, 28, 22, 18)

Both USA/NATO and USSR counterparts both excel at the job they are designed to do, kill infantry. However, they both do this job in slightly different ways. The White Phosphorus round deals a small amount of damage initially when fired and deals further damage over time while the Frag-HE shell delivers a single round which deals damage on impact with no lasting effect.

USA/NATO’s WP round has a small lasting area of effect (AoE) after it has been launched at its target after initially exploding and causing damage to an Infantry squad, so if the infantry player is not paying attention and the unit is not moving, it can deal serious damage to the unit and eventually kill the squad. Also because it has a small AoE, multiple targets can be aimed at and take damage from the shell if they enter the phosphorus cloud.

IPB Image
Make sure you lead your target slightly so the Infantry still take damage from the shell but end up running into the deadly cloud to finish them off!

The USSR Frag-HE Shell delivers a single shot of devastating high explosive fragmenting shrapnel intended to maim and kill the targeted squad in a very messy way. An advantage this has over the WP shell is that it instantly kills the Infantry squad caught in its blast, doing a more efficient job than the WP shell does initially.

The WP cloud slowly kills the Infantry squad, meaning the squad could still take your tank with them to hell if it’s heavily damaged! However, this could also be to the disadvantage of the Frag-HE shell in that it doesn’t have the lasting effect like the WP shell, meaning if you’re slightly off target, the Infantry squad will take no more damage!

IPB Image
Remember, multiple squads can be targeted due to the WP/Frag-HE shells having a small effective radius of damage on impact, always prioritise groups of infantry to maximum casualties!

The Anti-Infantry shell is slightly trickier to use compared with the HEAT round as it is more sensitive to the surrounding terrain, a lot of the time what looks like a clear shot on a squad of Infantry will result in the shell hitting a mound of earth the size of a mole hill and missing its target completely, extra care must be taken to make sure you have a clear unhindered line of sight to the target. Ideally, you want to be on a hill aiming down onto the squad to guarantee a hit.

IPB Image
Be the King of the Hill and rain death from below to guarantee a hit on your target!

That concludes this week’s tip! Tune in next week to find out how to effectively use Counter-Measures to keep you in control of the skies.

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# 2Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:48 PM
NICE! im sure new people would enjoy this..


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