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Light Tanks

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# 1xFactor Dec 20 2007, 21:07 PM
[h1]Light Tanks[/h1]

The Light Tank is a very versatile unit in World in Conflict and has many uses in the game and all for an economical 600 reinforcement points! As they are so cheap TA wise also, the amount of TA they cost can quickly be repaid and even earn you some more if you’re able to fortify or capture points with them!

It sacrifices armour and firepower for one thing only, speed and lots of it! The Light tank is one of the fastest ground units in the game and it’s this ability which makes it extremely useful in a lot of situations it can be used for! In this tip we’ll look at some of the best things you can do with a Light Tank.

Offensive Capability - MGM-51 Shillelagh Missile (USA); AT-4 Spigot Anti-Tank Missile (USSR); HESH Round [High Explosive Squash Head] (NATO)

IPB Image IPB Image

Reload Time - 30 secs (26, 21, 17, 14)

The Light Tanks special ability can pack a punch if the speed of the Light tank it utilised to get a shot on the side or rear of an enemy unit. Having a small number of these available to you can quickly dispatch of wandering enemy AA and other transport units. It can also deal decent damage to tanks and help tip the balance of a tank to tank matchup in your favour.

Although all 3 abilities to each faction are different in name and design, the amount of damage they do to the intended target is exactly the same.

The Light Tank can be utilised in the following ways –

1. A cheap unit that can fortify points while your main force assaults another position -

The Light tank as it is so cheap can be brought in to reinforce a point you’ve just captured and be there to reply any small resistance left around the point or a small counter-attack. It can then move onto another point to fortify or then bolster your main force if there are not any more points to fortify!

IPB Image
Light Tanks can be used to help fortify and bolster the defence while your main units are at the frontline

2. Hit and Run raids on positions or units –

A small squad of 3 Light Tanks (which would only cost 1800 reinforcement points or 24 TA for the Armour player) can be used to raid deep behind enemy lines to quickly take out fortifications or artillery units and leave before the enemy can retaliate!

This can be especially useful on large maps or in conjunction with an Airstrike to neutralise a command point and then quickly cap it with Light Tanks, which can defend the position until reinforcements arrive to mop up

IPB Image
Drop in or storm ahead with some Light Tanks and quickly neutralise artillery units!

3. Chasing down damaged units such as Anti-air -

Light Tanks are the perfect unit to finish off a damaged unit due to their speed. While Heavy tanks may not be able to close in on retreating units and lose sight of them, Light Tanks can certainly catch up to them and finish them off! Remember to use the Light Tanks speed to flank the unit and get a shot on its rear armour also!

A Light Tanks speed is its best asset; they cannot hold their own against heavier armoured units without support, so get out of trouble and fight another day with a Light Tank instead of carelessly sending it to its death!

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# 2Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:46 PM
im sorry but

i sincerely, disagree the LT is NOT even close to as versatile as MT. THE LT has near no armor, as to which the MT does have a decent amount, its not a slow tank, but anyways

thanks for your tip.

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# 3Lynx AH-7 Feb 3 2008, 00:29 AM
Well we'll agree to disagree then, I think Light Tanks are brilliant because of their speed and because they are so cheap. They can be left behind to fortify a point and stop it getting ninja capped and are able to do quick raids behind enemy lines and hit and run attacks on undefended AA units etc, fully taking advantage of the units speed and cheapness (expendable).

As for the Medium Tank, yes it can do all of the above but it costs 200 more, you can't drop it in via TA and I think at times too versatile to do any job efficiently (apart from kill infantry, which sometimes are better to be ran over by heavies).

Its quick, but not as quick as a Light Tank, its cheap, but not as cheap as a Light Tank. Its got armour but not as much as a Heavy Tank, its got decent firepower, but not as good as a Heavy Tank. Its basically the jack of all trades and the master of nothing. Been versatile isn't always an advantage on the battlefield.

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