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# 1Boom Mar 6 2005, 03:02 AM
This forum is here so that anyone can discuss any changes they'd like to see take place on our forums.

This is the place to post any sort of improvements, add-ons, or general site feedback.

Normal rules apply, we look forward to seeing your suggestions.

Here is a quick list of suggestions that have been brought up time and again that we are not changing, so dont ask please:
  • Anything related to signatures. We will not change the rules. We have the limitations we have for a reason. We're actually very generous when it comes to the limitations on sigs to begin with. Asking for more is just silly.
  • Smilies. We're not going to start randomly adding dozens and dozens of new smilies upon request. Especially ones larger than 10kb. Eventually, when really just dont have anything better to do, we'll add new packages of smilies.
  • New skins. Skins take a significantly long time to make. We have 1 skin now that everyone uses, there is no way to change this. If you'd like to see some improvements to the arrangement and layout of the current skin, feel free to suggest them.

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# 2Armagin Jul 23 2006, 13:43 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing the navigation directory bar or whatever its called at the bottom of the page.

GameReplays.org > Guidelines and News > Site Feedback/Improvement Discussion <<< that one.

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# 3JunkFood Knight Sep 9 2006, 21:42 PM
I only see two skins though...

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# 4Vissario Sep 19 2006, 10:25 AM
Boom posted that topic at start of gamereplays, so you could expect some changes in 1 and a half year. In that time were nerfs and improvements added, only the nerfs which were no improvements are removed

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