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Battle for Middle Earth

Dealing with lvl 5+ Gimli (x vs x)

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# 1Dunedain` Sep 5 2021, 11:07 AM
As isengard

Hi so lets say you are in a situation where somehow your enemy has aquired a Gimli with the slayer ability (lvl 5). You are Isen and your oponent is setting up for a slayer+leap combo. Your first instincts are probably to pin Gimli. But Im telling you its better not to. Here is why.

Lets just assume you have 3 combos, Saruman, lurtz lvl 5+. Rohan will likely have 3-4 horses, some Ra, maybe eomer theo, and even ara+lego. You are better off just pinning the legolas if you can, as he is MUCH easier to kill once pinned, and also a bigger threat to your saruman/lurtz. Lets say you pin his legolas. The Rohan player will think you made a mistake, and instantly try to capitalize on it, activate slayer and send him in. Slayer is only active for 30s, and it takes a few seconds just to reach your combos. This is where Saruman comes in, fireball has a 100% hit rate on Gimli, and will ALWAYS send him flying, effectively wasting even more time on his slayer. This leaves him very little time, and at best he can do one leap, and slayer will be off before he can retreat. So he has to basically suicide jump, or just run away before he can leap.
Meanwhile your combos are killing all his Ra/horses, since rain will be used, even if it isnt, your high ld combos wins, and all you have to do is not fight on land. Most people lose focus of their main army when they controll many heroes as Rohan, do you should get a lot of pp’s. This is also the perfect time to go for your Worm tongue.

Option A) If he decides to go for the yolo leap anyway, simply press X on your combos, and you should have no problem dodging, or atleast minimizing casualties. When the leap is done, you can just kill him, as he will have a long slow walk back to his base, and is easily killed by wargs especially.

If you decide to pin gimli anyway, then put all your ballistas on him, they deal far more damage than any infantry unit. They can also be used to target lego, as he might be idle once hes using gimli slayer, and lego dies really fast to anything.

Option B) He will realize the risk vs reward isnt worth it, and run, leaving legolas to die in the process. And with lego dead, you are free to pin Gimli next time.

In both scenarios Legolas dies anyway. The main point of this is to never waste fireball on rohan units, when you know he has slayer. As its almost as effective as Pin.

In large scale team games (3v3/4v4) I would also recommend Not pinning Gimli, as that just leaves you open to Gandalf, who is immune to knockdown. Do the same steps as mentioned above, exept you dont want to pin legolas obviously if Gandalf is out.

I would probably pin in this order Gandalf/Saruman (if no wt then gandy always) >Legolas > Gimli

Playing as Gondor

Dealing with Gimli as gondor is a lot harder than with Isen. You have no real counter for him, but there are checks. Your best bet is to use the brothers.

Boromir has a slight chance to know gimli down, and if you do get the lucky knockdown, chances are you will get it again, as gimli has a long animation for getting up to his feet. And any time wasted off of slayer is great.

Faramir wounding arrow does 60% more dmg to Gimli aswell as Aragorn. So use his wounding arrow on him right away, dont bother shooting him with your rangers/combos unless you have a lot of ld, focus on dodging the leap if Boromir should fail to knock him down. Use the same method as you would with Isen, if your army consist of mainly rangers, then dodging leap should be much easier.

Gandalf lighting sword does a lot of damage to Gimli aswell, and Istari has a chance to knock, so these could be used in conjunction with Faramir's wounding arrow, to stop Gimli.

Playing as mordor is pretty self explanatory as you have trolls.

But playing as Rohan is difficult if you went elves.
You have no real answer for Gimli, and all you can do really is to dodge leap, and try not to feed heroes. Gimli destroys lego in a few hits + axe throw is deadly, gimli also knocks him down when slayer is active. I recommend you to activate knife fighter if you think he will target your lego, as gimli is only slightly faster than lego with knife fighter, you should be able to escape, and as long as you have heal/athelas you shouldn’t die.

If your Legolas is lvl 7+ arrow wind kills Gimli from full, assuming he doesn't have heal. But it also leaves you open for his attacks, and Legolas is usually the prime target for him, especially a highly ranked Lego.

Final thoughts

Try to use ”x” as much as possible vs gimli, use the time when gimli is going in, to snipe other heroes/units, its easy to have tunnel vision when controlling heroes so take advantage.
Good luck!

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# 2Beterwel Sep 6 2021, 10:34 AM
nice guide. I personally always pin gimli cuz a bit of lagg + a well timed land (slayer) leap can change the game. I see your suggestion for handling the guy tho, so might try that out.

Thanks for the guide.

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