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"Login with Administator Privliges" Error

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# 1Gamer0707 Aug 4 2020, 23:52 PM
For anyone running Windows 7 and having the "Login with Administrator Privileges and Try Again" error pop up after installing CC Generals or Zero Hour

Sorry im late to the party... But I just ran into this problem after Installing CC Gnererals & Zero hour on Windows 7... after Installing it and running the patch for both.. Here is the solution I found that worked... straight to the point.. After doing a clean install of both games do the following..

1. Run the patch for each.. CC & Zero Hour it can be found here. https://cncnz.com/features/command-conquer-patch-centre/3/

2. Go to the "Start Menu" and right click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run as Administrator" (if you dont see the "Command Prompt" in the start menu enter "command prompt" in the "File Search" bar.. it should locate it for you)

3.Enter the following commands one at a time:

sc config secdrv start= disabled

sc config secdrv start= demand

4. Now right click on the CC or Zero Hour short cut Icon on the desk top and select "Run as Administrator" it might ask you for permission to run the game click yes.

Make sure Disk 1 for which ever game your are wanting to play is in the CDROM

This "should work" you may need to re-enter the 2 commands after the PC is shut down or re-booted other wise your good to go and you can run the game by normally double clicking on the short cut Icon after exiting the game. I found after a couple of times of re-booting it seems to have remembered it and I havent had to re-enter the commands. Upon reboot or start up the first time you run it for the day you have to right click "Run as Admin" the Short cut Icon. You may want to make a little cheat sheet in note pad with these commands and just copy paste them when needed.

Hope this works and helps.... cheers! smile.gif

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