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# 1Windforce_Game Dec 25 2015, 02:09 AM
Armor Clash is an RTS game of modern warfare. It contains classic features like base building, units training etc. Players can also customize the units to form their unique armies. With realistic effects and fast paced battle, players will enjoy commanding their armored forces to break down the enemy.


Steam Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/395600
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/windforcegame

Good Features:
* Traditional RTS game play
* Realistic physics effect.
* Army customization
* Local network multiplayer
* Neutral forces and battle experience system
* Both PC and Mac available.

Weak Points:
* There is no campaign, but there are replayable ai skirmish and Local network multiplayer instead.
* Max player number is 2, because there are huge amounts of realistic physics effects in the game, 2 players at max will ensure the good performance during fierce battle.

Future Upes:
* Long term mainta◾inance for bug fng.
* New units and maps, features will be upgraded for free

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

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IPB Image

20 years ago, at the great age of RTS game, I was still in school and dreamed of making my own RTS game one day. The dream is sweet, but when I really decide to do it, I feel it is impossible. Like many others indie developers, I can do some coding work but lack in art skill. Forming a team need influence and funds, which I am also in short of.

It is in 2013 I know Unity first time from a forum, at first I did not care much because I thought it is just a SDK like many other programming tools, till I found there is the asset store, I can get model and sound assets at a reasonable price, even I can find solutions like dynamic water, mini radar and vehicle system. I realized that if I bought all the works I can not do, I can make the game just by my self.

Then I began to learn Unity by sparing time. and after made a small demo I had enough confidence and resigned my job. Although there are plenty of art assets available, it still cost me much time on modifying to meet my needs, new ideas came out before implementing old ones, the developing work is still not easy.

After 14 month's work, it is now 90% finished and goes into beta phase. I will keep updating this game with new ideas and the latest technology of Unity engine.



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