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how does multiplayer scoring work?

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# 1gotBooched Jan 24 2021, 19:57 PM
i have no idea? how are some people 20-2 and in the top 30 but 128-15 and in the top 10 kind of thing? i can't find anywhere how multiplayer scoring works.

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# 2Danku Jan 24 2021, 20:35 PM
Hey booched, it works on an ELO scoring system - quite a common scoring system used across eSports and before that for board games like Chess etc. You can read a little on the system here.

It can get a bit complicated, but basically if you're a really high level say rank #1 with 2000 points and lose to a really low level say rank #200 with 1500 points you stand to lose a lot of points, and the lower player stands to gain a load of extra points.

If you're around the same points score, you'll likely win/lose around 10-12ish points depending on the difference.

The ranking is based on these points, you've probably seen once or twice while queing being asked to match those outside your level, this means you'll be put up against players way above/below your current elo level - this is a higher stakes scenario which is why it often will prompt you for it.

Hope that clarifies it a bit for you!

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# 3gotBooched Jan 28 2021, 15:51 PM
Very much so, I have been trying to figure this out forever. Thanks so much.

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