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Command and Conquer 3

xdrol` AKA Flapje3 - DC - Valid

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# 1~AngelOfDeath~ Jul 1 2017, 20:04 PM
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Player Name Side Team
xdrol` 1
~MF~~AngelOfDeath~* 2

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# 2Police/AK Jul 3 2017, 17:37 PM
Hi ~AngelOfDeath~ and thank you for your reporting.

That was Ranked 1 vs 1 Pipeline Problems map TW Game.

xdrol` AKA Flapje3 GDI top.
~AngelOfDeath~ GDI bottom.

well the game started and xdrol`went for known crane build in that map while ~AngelOfDeath~ went for engi rush and manged to take his opposite crane and warfactory and refinery, he simply did a great damages their, xdrol`had his mcv and was trying to recover but a group of pitballes coming from ~AngelOfDeath~ towards the harvs, then a disconnection happens.

I'm gonna confirm this report now because xdrol` had no chance to win that at the moment of the disconnection.

Disconnect Valid! and thank you for reporting again.

As I found this reports Valid I had taken 50 points from xdrol`, and given 35 for ~AngelOfDeath~.

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