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Command and Conquer 3

Dypl'Oo'docuS - DC - Valid

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# 1-ZoRRo Feb 23 2016, 20:50 PM
Where Dypl'Oo'docuS saw cheats???

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Attached File Dyplodocus___DC.CNC3Replay
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Player Name Side Team
Dypl'Oo'docuS 2
Chaos_Soldier 1
[boTz]-XakeP* 1

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# 2Police/AK Feb 24 2016, 00:52 AM
Hi [boTz]-XakeP aka Zorro and thank you for your reporting.
That was ranked 2 vs 2 TW game on RedzoneRampage.

Dypl'Oo'docuS (GDI)(Red) (Top Right) Teamed with POLPO (GDI)(Purple)(Bottom Right) Teams 2 ....... VS
[boTz]-XakeP (NOD)(Yellow) (Top Left) Teamed with Chaos_Soldier (Scrin)(Pink) (Bottom Right) Teams 1

All started with normal crane build on redzone except Dypl'Oo'docuS which went for Engi Rush.
Dypl'Oo'docuS sent all 3 of his Engi through the middle towards Chaos_Soldier and he manged to take his crane.
Chaos_Soldier left normally after that.
[boTz]-XakeP all alone now but with many harvs and refineries.
POLPO made a 3 war factories preparing him self for a tank rush with some Apc and Engi.
POLPO now attacking the base in front of him with the rush and he captured the Scrin drone ship in the process.
[boTz]-XakeP made another Nod MCV with Tech and some rocket solders.
[boTz]-XakeP used the rockets to attack Dypl'Oo'docuS's base to keeps him busy and used his double Obslik to
Defend that rush of POLPO.
[boTz]-XakeP manged to control both side easily cause he had a lot of harvs which gave him a big boost.
POLPO rolling back and took the drone ship that he captured with him.
[boTz]-XakeP was attacking POLPO harvs with 2 stealth tanks and then follow it up with Crystal missile.
[boTz]-XakeP made another MCV and now he had 3, now he attacked POLPO side with base crawling Obslik+
A huge army of Rocket Solders + mines + Viber Bomb. which made POLPO lost everything.
Dypl'Oo'docuS tried to help but was too late and [boTz]-XakeP made another 2 MCV and base crawl Dypl'Oo'docuS
Side with operation centers and a 5 Obslik with 1 click and he kept putting more and more.
At these moments the disconnection happens for Dypl'Oo'docuS.
POLPO now is alone and used whats remain trying to defend him self, he manged to capture [boTz]-XakeP
Tech with a flying Engi trying to slow his enemy down but it was too late for him. eventually he lost every thing and got defeated.

I will confirm this report vs Dypl'Oo'docuS only cause he had no chance for winning at the moment of the disconnection.

Disconnect Valid! and thank you for reporting again.

I will offer point adjustments for ( [boTz]-XakeP aka Zorro )

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# 3~AngelOfDeath~ Feb 24 2016, 07:47 AM
As Police/AK has found this report Valid, I've taken 50 2vs2 Points from POLPO and Dypl'Oo'docuS, ang given 35 2vs2 Points to [boTz]-XakeP.

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