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Command and Conquer 4

C&C Rivals!

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# 1Incia Dec 22 2018, 04:08 AM
Anyone playing this new little mobile game?

I find it funny how they still include a bunch of C&C 4 units into these later installments and not 'ignoring' this game as an abomination. Sure, the gameplay wasn't RTS but the unit design were cool and great, so new games are using these which I like. That other browser game also had a lot of C&C 4 units, even had the Mutants in it.

Units so far I've seen in C&C Rivals from C&C 4 are Hammerheads, Basilisks and Kodiaks. Well the Nod Cyborgs seem spider-like so I would want to say they got inspiration from the Nod Reapers.

Anyways I'm playing this game as Incia and it's surprisingly fun, quick fun matches. And no it's not a play to win game, you can win higher level units with correct unit combos and micro.

I don't know how to record my phone, but I have found a few youtube channels that upload Rivals games only, which is awesome.

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