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Replay upload guide

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# 1Yellow2Bellow Jul 20 2007, 22:31 PM
How to upload replays and other files
(A guide for the new users}

Let's say you want to create a topic in the Replay Section, because you played a game that was great and that you want to share with others or get a review on it and hear different opinions about it.

First of all you will need to create a new topic, which is done like this:

Click the "New Topic" button in the lower right of the screen.

IPB Image

This will come up:
IPB Image

In here, you enter your post and comments about the game for example.
However, this is what actually interests us:

IPB Image

First of all, you need to find the file, you want to upload. This is done by pressing the "Browse" button...

IPB Image

and then searching for the specific file in the new window.

IPB Image

Once you found the file, you want to upload, highlight it and press "Open"

IPB Image

Now, the path to the file will be shown in the text field (circle) and we just need to press the "Add this attachment" button

IPB Image

After you pressed the button, this screen will come up, showing you the name of the file you added and it's size. You may add another file, using the same method as before.

IPB Image

Now simply press the "Post new topic" button and your topic with the attachment is viewable and accsessable for everyone.
This method will put the attachment below the comments you wrote.

IPB Image

How to add attached files into posts/make them appear at certain positions?

To do this, the attachment we want to place at a certain location, needs to be uploaded.

First of all, we need to know where we want to put it and put the cursor at this exact position. Then we click the "Add into post" button

IPB Image

Now the attachment will be shown (in code) in the post.

IPB Image

In the end, you need to post it, by pressing the "Post new topic" button.

IPB Image

And everything looks like this

IPB Image


-You can use BB Codes like "center" for attachments
-Attached screenshots will show up smaller on GR, click on it to see the original size.

How to download and watch replays?

Take a look at this guide about downloading and watching replays:

Guide by Marauder709

Basically all credit goes to -Spartan`II7^ and Spartin117, I only ripped it from them and changed only very few things.

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