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# 1NightBane Oct 30 2007, 15:27 PM
He guys, my Air Strat a.k.a. Build Order would be three Heavy Helios & then I would hunt down & cripple any artillery that would interfere with my Command Point landings with air-borune units. Then my next BO will be another two of Heavy Helios, if my previous one's survived. This time I will wreak havoc with five Heavies.

Next will be a set of six Medium Helios to counter any Air counter measures or a group of four heavy tanks if I see any potential signs of massing Heavy AA. tongue.gif

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

# 2Lynx AH-7 Oct 30 2007, 18:57 PM
I get 5 Medium Helicopters to start off and ruin the day for all you flyboys!

And then proceed to rape everything else on the ground that isn't a Heavy Tank or Anti-air unit when the skies have been cleared and launch a double nuke if people didn't get the message tongue.gif

Well if that doesn't work I'll normally go back to my tin can on the ground knowing that nobody is bothering with Helicopters this game and I can mop up everyone on the ground in peace instead happy.gif

I rarely go for Heavy Helicopters because every other person on the server wants to as well and the skies get a bit crowded!

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# 3Draelith Oct 30 2007, 22:39 PM
With AIR it depends on what I see. I'll typically go with Hvy Helos and wait for the points for a fourth before I deploy. This lets me hang back and let others scout ahead just in case the enemy decided to rush in with AA to counter.

Then go for the weak points and undefended armour and artillery.

AIR players must realise that their job is to eliminate armour and take out the artillery. Generally harass the hell out of the enemy and move from point to point generally making an ass of yourself to the enemy.

The main benefit of AIR is it's mobility. Use it effectively and move behind enemy lines to take out the stragglers and arty. A quick flare drop and hellfire launch will munch most AA and leave the "protected" units undefended for your assault.

I would like to see medium AIR buffed to counter the flood of Heavy AIR.

Best use of TA is to either drop troop carriers (Repair) at an isolated location and use them to keep your choppers alive, or use airdropped tanks to cap points and fortify. A good artillery barrage will take out infantry and make sure you use air to air strikes to remove any helicopters that are harassing you.

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# 4NightBane Oct 31 2007, 15:54 PM
Well read. But in most cases you'll have to expect a Heavy start with most players.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

# 5NightBane Nov 1 2007, 21:41 PM
Come on people post. This isn't about asking for help. It's about giving it.

Now give me some damn activity tongue.gif

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

# 6Caonabismo Feb 24 2008, 05:59 AM
I always start with three heavy chopers and a scout. Instead of whoring points like some air players and actually do some good for the team. I dedicate myslef to to kill lonely tanks, artillery, fortifications, and sometimes I got to make some suicidal attacks by attacking three to four Heavy AA. I save up my TA to drop on the points I clear, therefore giving the advantage to my team.

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Game: World in Conflict

# 7ShunnedSAMURAI Jul 30 2008, 04:58 AM
I'll usually start off by building 3 heavy choppers, as soon as i get enough points (1200) i'll get another heavy out.

Try going near the edge of the map in the beginning of the game and flank their artillery. Usually they'll move their AA out to take points in the middle up the map, leaving their artillery in the back. It is the perfect time to hit them.

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# 8torresj Jun 19 2013, 00:55 AM
If on Deathmatch, I have 6 heavy tanks, 4 heavy helos and about 8 regular infantry and a sniper. I have my grunts moving through close quarter environments and through concealed areas with my tanks and helos moving through more open areas. I have my sniper placed behind enemy lines as a forward observer for TA with my infantry causing trouble for incoming enemy reinforcements. It'd be foolish to let them stick around, I've been gassed and napalmed so make sure they break away from enemy contact after about 10 seconds because well, most TA takes about 12 seconds to occur. With your tanks and helos it'd be good to keep them in the same area as your infantry just incase they're ambushed by enemy infantry, and you can also you them as scouts for your armor and air. If not, use one attack Helo to scout ahead of the rest, so if you see trouble you can have your helicopters go someplace else due to anti air or have them regroup to attack. The worst thing you can do is to be shitty at micro. Hopefully this helps someone

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