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Artillery Observers

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# 1Ang3lic Nov 1 2007, 01:00 AM
[h1]Artillery Observer[/h1]

Welcome back everyone to the tip of the day section of our portal. Not that many people have been posting lately & I was just wondering if you can be active just a bit to help our forums Propel. Now let's continue to our ToTD.

We will learn how to effectively use your Scout Helio to observe for any enemy positions. First off, this fast lone copter is under-mined by a lot of the players here on Gr.org & also the new guys which have enter the room. Well the Scout copter is especially useful with this situation because a lot of the times enemy forces are cluttered up & numerous which, if outnumbered wouldn't be a smart thing to call in.

IPB Image

Just call in the chopper & ask one of your allied forces artillery or your own to support you while you move that copter to reveal enemy coordinates. Most of the time, a couple of Amphibious Armored Cars can take this buddy out & maybe two launchers from a Heavy AA and Med AA also. So it would best be smart if you send the Scout through the flanks.

IPB Image

But make sure you take advantage of the scouts IR Scan & long vision ranged which is still ok after the Nerf from the new patch. You don't wanna move this guy too close but you can sneak him to the back in most cases & exploit the usefulness of this unit. Also you can observe out any enemy infantry that are hiding in the trees & just call in a Tactical Aid call or some artillery shells & you got yourself a kill!

IPB Image

By: ViRuS

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# 2Smart Feb 2 2008, 15:50 PM
nice biggrin.gif

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