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Battle for Middle Earth


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# 21ArchAngel Jun 2 2011, 19:45 PM
Protein is protein whether you get it from peanut butter, a pill, or the grociery store (or even some tasty bugs from the yard mmmm).

Take a chill pill, we are all gonna die anyways, and there is no way to avoid this stuff unless you want to be a pale sheet of skin and bones vegen (but then again the seeds are genetically altered and crops are chemically treated hahaha no escape.

Supplement if you can to make yourself feel better with game killed by yourself or locally by others. Local Indian tribes always have fish, (but they swim in the polluted lakes and streams hahaha no escape again).

Oh and Hi again all . biggrin.gif

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# 22Adamskidrummer Jun 2 2011, 21:58 PM
QUOTE(pApA^LeGBa @ Dec 19 2010, 16:11 PM) *

no i was talking about austria not eu, as you are british you might know that beeing in the eu doesnīt mean things canīt be different in various countries.

i do know about nestle and avoid them whenever i can. and i donīt buy my meat at lidl or aldi. they mostly have meat from outside austria btw, and i donīt eat foreign meat when i can get austrian meat. exactly due to the circumstances you pointed out in your post.

and no i am not pointing my finger at the usa, i just assumed your are from the usa (dunno why tbh), thatīs why i mentioned the usa.

just in case you still donīt get it. they donīt show us a symbolfarm, they actually tell you the name of the farmer and where his farm is and the cow/pig actually grow up, when you have 2 packages of meat there can be 2 different adresses.

and if your friends treat animals badly then they do not deserve any respect and should be treated the same way they treat their animals.

this time pls read carefully what i wrote, you constantly put words in my mouth i never said....

I didn't put any words in your mouth, I responded directly to your post.

I am not going to respond to your personal insults to friends as you have obviously misunderstood the meaning of my post and assumed I have misread your rambling.

You should try your best to buy food from good sources but you are living in a bubble... If you really cared about animals you would not buy meat. Whether they were in 5 star accomodation or not, they were bread to be killed and slaughtered at a young age to make sure there is lots of tender meat. POP

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# 23lelderlBOMBADIL Aug 3 2011, 02:25 AM
Ok enough boys.

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