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Battle for Middle Earth

Red Alert 3

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# 1lelderlAp0C Jan 19 2011, 22:31 PM
Here are two better RA3 replays Adam.

vs top 200 ranked opponents.

Attached File(s)
Attached File funone.RA3Replay
Size: 265.07k
Number of downloads: 24
Player Name Side Team
Ap0C552* 1
[Pro.]Crackbrain 2
Attached File Last_Replay.RA3Replay
Size: 290.82k
Number of downloads: 24
Player Name Side Team
enGlishzCooL 1
Ap0C552* 2

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# 2Adamskidrummer Jan 19 2011, 23:23 PM
Hey thanks mate, I will take a look at it before I go away. I may actually play a little tomorrow early on in the day if you are about (1pm onwards GMT). Wish me luck for tomorrow

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