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Looking for a mentor or an advice about one common difficulty

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# 1Tone Mar 17 2017, 17:22 PM
Hi guys!
I dont wanna waste your precious time so I'll try to be brief.
As many many players, I stucked in having an equal number of wins and losses playing automatch.
For example I have lvl 3 in 1 vs 1 match. Same thing happens all the time: playing automatch - winning couple of times to players lvl 1-3 - then automatch gives me lvl 5, lvl 7 player - and I loose couple of times (I just played with lvl 12 guy). And then it goes around.
I know that Im not the only one. I played about 1200 rounds, and I saw guys with 5000 games with noob rank and equal number of wins and losses. Conversely, I saw high level guys with 500 games or less. So I guess I simply hitting a wall playing more and more.

So guys Im asking for mentor's help to tell me where do I go wrong. Sadly I know that Coh 1 is not popular these days and most likely is out of mentors.
So any advice from any experienced player that managed this problem of his would be appreciated.
Here are some things I do regularly to improve:
- playing automatch
- whatching expert replays
- reading strategy guides
- whatching youtube shoutcasts
- when Im facing good player, Im asking an advice before game over.

So what should I do? What would you do? Any advice or mentor's help plz smile.gif

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# 2TrouserDemon Apr 22 2017, 15:39 PM
You can't improve greatly just by playing, and reading, and watching games. It doesn't happen serendipitously. I suggest you take one thing that you see go well in expert games, or that your opponents use, and practice doing that one same thing. Focus on really learning one thing at a time. Aim to achieve a specific measurable thing in one aspect, like micro-ing a vehicle well, or outflanking an MG position with rifles. Get that one thing down, then move onto another specific thing to improve.

It's far better to practice in this way, than to aimlessly give yourself the goal to "improve" and just play a lot.

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# 3Tone May 3 2017, 20:30 PM
Thanks a lot Demon! That's exactly the same advice as Geoff Colvin gives in his book "Talent Is Overrated" - intelligent practice, dividing skill into pieces and training them one by one. I will follow it. Strange thing is that nobody told me about it before, and no mention of this type of training in strategy guides. I allways get one and the same tips - don't loose units, adapt, play aggressively, improve your micro - obvious advices that doesn't help a lot.

Great advice, thanks!

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# 4Kodachrome May 16 2019, 12:46 PM
My friend, you must consider the following tip, in a competition, red vs blue for example, acting is faster than reacting, so you must never do what your opponent wants you to do for you are reacting, and reacting is allowing your competition to lead the dance, and to furnish the means for the opposition to be in their most comfortable positions. If for example a person is most comfortable playing a certain faction at a specified spawning spot, do you think your chances are better if you have the ability to remove that comfort from such a player? The answer can be revealed to you upon self reflection of the very idea, of a question to yourself, where are you most comfortable, most certainly by playing a level 1 vs player a level 12, then you must remove this comfort level from the level 12 player, what ever the comfort may be for that player. Find a way to be the supreme ultimate commander of your forces, from economy to production, to field command, and everything under the umbrella that will carry into execution all the foregoing powers of victory. Evolve by watching your own recorded mouse clicks in slow motion and honestly think about it, then let these facts be submitted to a candid world of change for a new age, an age of continual winnings.

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