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OpenRA - Dune2k Noob Guide

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# 1SirCakealot Jul 31 2016, 17:14 PM
SirCakes Quick Dune2k Noob Guide,
(Because we're all noobs in Dune wink.gif )

This is just a short guide on how to not absolutely fail in Dune2k in the upcoming Big Team Tournament whilst playing Dune 2000.

Which faction should I play?
Harkonnen get mammoth-like tanks and a nuke-like-missile (which does almost no damage), Ordos stealty stuff(vehicle+saboteur) and ridiculously powerful artillery and Atreides get better artillery and stealthy stuff (infantry) and an airstrike (which does almost no damage).
The rest of the units are the same for all factions. There are no air units.

What buildorder should I do?
First, build a concrete slab and place it near your base, then put a wind trap (/power plant) on top. Buildings without concrete foundation are placed with damage (50%).

You don't need to cover all of the building outline in concrete for full health, only where the actual building is. Most of the time this is everything minus the last row. See the picture for reference:

Attached Image

To unlock covenient 3x3 concrete slabs, upgrade your conyard in the upgrades tab.

Allways start with 2 refineries, its safe and required (or you will find yourself out of money). Then build either a heavy factory for more harvesters and tanks (usually a good idea) or light factory for fast-attack units.
But - once you have you economy set up, resources are nearly inexhaustible on most dune 2000 maps. No need to expand quickly.

Sand worms will eventually eat your harvesters unless you deploy a "Thumper" somewhere in the sand nearby. Upgrade your barracks (in the uprgades tab) and build one. One is usually enough.

Infantry are run over easily by tanks (but not by fast-attack units). Build them anyway, they are cheap and add to the damage! You'll want more "Troopers"(anti tank) than "Light Infantry", like a ratio of 2:1.
Furthermore, there are no infantry-shredder defenses like in RA or TD, so attacking a base with pure infantry is acually possible. Also very effective against Harkonnen devastator tanks.

How do I get an extra MCV?
Build a heavy factory, upgrade it and build a repair pad. There is no build radius, so as long as you have a building on "rock terrain" (opposite of sand) anywhere on the map you can place adjacent to it. (meaning you won't need the mcv anymore after you placed a building)

MCVs can't pack up and are extremely slow.

How do I win?
Artillery is not as overpowered as in RA, but do very good damage against buildings. Don't build it early or to win against armies. Infantry is slow, on the big Dune2000 maps it takes them forever to get anywhere. Tanks are good, but die to tanks+infantry and don't do too well against buildings. "Trikes" (fast attack) are fast and do good damage against buildings! Actually buildings are very low HP compared to TD and RA (most buildings are as durable as a RA power plant for comparison).
You'll want to attack with tanks+infantry into the army and get around and flank into the opponents base with your trikes. You will be surprised how much you can destroy with those (especialy with people that skip concrete foundations on their buildings). This makes trikes very valuable.

Any unit: Build lots of it.

Starports are an additional vehicle build queue right now, so use it!

Also building "Carryalls" in a "High-Tech-Factory" later in the game greatly boosts your economy. (Effectively making your harvesters very fast. No micromanagement required)

Thats all very confusing and compicated! What is the tech tree?
Here is the tech tree for all buildings:

Attached Image

Have fun in the Dunes!


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