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CNC Zero Hour

Really wanna find some mates play together!

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# 1zhangziyao Apr 28 2013, 14:39 PM
I dont know about you guys but I always play alone.
Im a chinese student,(16year-oldI play:) I play BF3 COH,Totalwar and some like that ,99.9%didnot even heard of them.

3years ago my English grade was the worst of my calss,after i played BC2,I tried all i can to find sb play together,as you know,most of them speak EN,Iwant to play with them then i learned EN.Now my grade is the best of the whole school.I dont care about this,all i want is find some friend to play together.

1years ago I bought this game,First time i fight OL ,i was crashed by someone.then ,i gaveup.now i foud this game is so interesting.i really want to take it up again.

BUT I have no friendly! No friendly!

some help me XD

MY emel. zhangziyao2012@yahoo.cn and this zhangziyao@live.cn

(going to copy it to somewhereelse)

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# 2´'`Divine´'`Ravenheart´'` Apr 28 2013, 14:52 PM
ok dude

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# 3Murder- Apr 29 2013, 00:58 AM
don't be so rude. give the brotha a change faggooo. =)

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# 4´'`Divine´'`Ravenheart´'` May 19 2013, 23:09 PM
nowadays, every time i come and read gr, the posts make me want to kill someone.

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