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# 1JuhwannX Feb 3 2013, 14:00 PM
Country: American - 17 years
Factional choices - Americans 1v1. - Lvl 7
(Not a big fan of 2v2's) But Americans. - Lvl 3
I want to join, cause I have feel this clan has some players that could help me become better at Company of Heroes, and would allow me to have excellent informative games.

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# 2mongolac Feb 3 2013, 17:15 PM
hello and welcome here,we are not much active any more so i dont think you will get much help from our guys but when coh 2 comes out everything will be back on a right track so i can only say to add guys and play with them when they online so later we can vote bout your application.

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# 3Ezio Auditore Feb 9 2013, 08:01 AM
What mongi said,whe are not that much active like in the past,but whe suppose to be more active when COH2 comes out,if the game is good and im talking BIG "IF" wink.gif

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