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# 1DeaDTerra Nov 12 2011, 14:16 PM
DeaD.Gaming’s CryptoCrush sponsored by Crypto x change and sc2btc 19th November tournament

We are DeaD.Gaming, a small but serious esports team, specialising in StarCraft 2 and Battlefield 3. Beyond playing these great games, we have a passion for hosting tournaments and building the esports industry.

We are presenting the inaugural DeaD.Gaming’s CryptoCrush Tournament which is sponsored by Crypto X Change and SC2BTC.com. The European tournament will feature a 55-euro prize pool and will occur on the 19th of November.

These tournaments will occur every two weeks with increasing prize pools.

Who can join?
Any Starcraft 2 EU players who open a free Crypto X Change account (or have one already) are able to join. All skill levels are welcome.

Why should I join?

It is very rare to find pros who only practice on ladder. Most European and American pro players do their practice in daily/weekly tournaments. So why shouldn't you? It's a great experience and with a fat cash prize on the line, and it is also FREE to join, so you have nothing to lose.

Playing in a tournament really puts your skill to the test, it is also a great opportunity to challenge yourself against amazing players from the SC2 community.

How do I join?
1) Sign up at the tournament platform, SC2BTC.com
2) Create a free Bitcoin account at cryptoxchange.com
3) Join the tournament called Dead.Gaming CryptoCrush on SC2BTC.com

For more detailed info on how to set your account up on sc2btc.com check out this tutorial video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuPYCqc9BAU .

Fast payout
One of the reasons for hosting this tournament is to show the esports community how quick and easily winners can get paid using Bitcoins. We believe Bitcoin (which is a new digital currency that can be traded for normal euros or dollars) will become very popular with esports, so we've teamed up with our sponsor, Crypto X Change, to help move it forward.

The 55-euro prize is in the form of Bitcoins. Your prize is deposited to your Crypto X Change account within 24 hrs of your victory. You can either hold on to the Bitcoins, or sell them for euros and then transfer to any bank account within a couple days. No more waiting weeks or months for prize payouts! This is the future of esports.

Round 256-64 is Best of 1
Round 64-2 is Best of 3
Finals is Best of 5

Prize pool:[u]
1st place: 40 Euro
2nd place: 10 Euro
3rd place: 5 Euro

All winnings are paid into your Crypto X Change account in form of Bitcoins, based on the current exchange rate. You can then sell for euros (or any other currency) and transfer to your bank, or you can keep the Bitcoins.

Map pool:
GSL Dual Sight (TeamClash)
ESL Metalopolis (ESL)
Tal’Darim Altar LE (Blizzard)
Shakuras Plateau (Blizzard)
MLG Antiga Shipyard (MLGMaps)
MLG Daybreak (MLGMaps)
GSL_Bel´shir Beach (Winter) (TeamClash)
MLG Shattered Temple (MLGMaps)

The Maps will be randomly picked by the system, each map can only be played once each match up.

Check in time:
18:00 CET (gmt+1) for round of 256, if you are late and your opponent reports you, you will automatically be given a lose.

DeaD.Gaming streamers will be casting the event on HD quality stream at Twitch.tv/deadgaming

If you wish to stream a player point of view please do so, please contact any of the admins to get featured as a player view streamer.

Player streams:
The VODs of the tournaments will be posted on Youtube.com/deadgamingsc2, so if you miss anything on the stream you can see it over at our YouTube channel, in full HD.

* No Stream cheating,hacking,multi accounting,intentional disconnects or any other way manipulating the game.
* Max amount of tournament participants is 256 players
* All games must be played within 24hours of tournament start
* Round 256, 128 is a best of 1. Round 64, 36,16 and 8, 4 and will be best of 3 games, the finals will be a best of 5 series
* Contestants must be prepared to have their game casted and/or streamed by DeaD casters
* Should a player wish to stream their own game please notify your opponent and DeaD tournament admins in advance
* If your opponent does not show report it using the system provided
* If a player disconnects it is up to the non-disconnecting part whether he/she wants to play a rematch. If a rematch takes place do not submit the replay of the first game.
* If 2 players are afk and neither parts communicate in any way at all to tournament admins both will receive a disqualification. This is to ensure a smooth tournament experience for all other participants
* In a dispute non-participating DeaD Gaming admins will make the final decision

Note that by entering the tournament you agree on that you have read, understood and accepted the rules of the tournament.

Please contact a DeaD Gaming tournament admin with any questions regarding tournament, rule or clan business we are more than happy to help!

Tournament Admins: (Ingame name. char code. Email)
DeaDVanrake (no char code) Kevindavies1986@live.co.uk
DeaDUggh 738 deaduggh@gmail.com
DeaDTerra 840 deadgaming.sc2@gmail.com
DeaDLium 711 deadgaming.bf3@gmail.com

For more information about us,our sponsors, our tournaments and bitcoins check out our other post at (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=284909#1)

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# 2DeaDTerra Nov 13 2011, 21:45 PM
Follow these steps to join the tournament after having signed up on sc2btc.com and cryptoxchange.com
1 go onto sc2bt.com and login
2 Press the play! button in the website menu
3 Click the sponsored button
4 Click the join button the the DeaD.Gaming's CryptoCrush
5 Enter you A/C No. , which you can find on top of the cryptoxchange.com site when your logged in
6 press validate
7 Congratulations you are now in the tournament biggrin.gif

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# 3DeaDTerra Nov 14 2011, 16:09 PM

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# 4DeaDLium Nov 14 2011, 16:27 PM
It is simple really biggrin.gif

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# 5DeaDTerra Dec 1 2011, 11:57 AM
Check out our second tournament, 110 euro prize pool and free to join biggrin.gif http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessag...topic_id=288969

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# 6DeaDTerra Dec 29 2011, 15:22 PM
Tournament number four has been delayed to the 7th of January, same setup as before 180 euro prize pool smile.gif spread the word and we will see you on the 7th biggrin.gif

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