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Company of Heroes

Rekindle AT?

Revive Arranged Teams?
18.18% (2)
She did her best, let Ďer rest
81.82% (9)
Game time
When should this happen?
0.00% (0)
0.00% (0)
0.00% (0)
9.09% (1)
0.00% (0)
9.09% (1)
0.00% (0)
45.45% (5)
18.18% (2)
18.18% (2)

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# 1Marinez Jul 14 2020, 21:03 PM
I am itching to play good games again. (I need someone to carry me). Playing with randoms has its charm, but it is not the same. It will take a community effort to revive AT, and no effort to put RA11 in 1st. Iíd recommend starting off with maybe a day or two a week to say hey! Itís AT Tuesday, letís do this! Get a little life blood back into the engine and see how she handles.

I wonít lie, I let COH rest because AT vanished. The past was fun, and Iíd like the future to be better. We Reborn guys always joked about doing our in-house games on the ladder so we wouldnít need to keep score, a waist of something that is not truely broken. + Iím sick and tiered of hearing people say itís broken, when it is not, it just lacks us hitting AT.

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# 2RoCk_!t Jul 15 2020, 17:05 PM
I hope some people will do this ....

2v2 Random is pretty much a waste of time. The matchmaker is horribly broken

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# 3dukejason Jul 15 2020, 20:05 PM
I think this is good initiative.

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# 4LUCKBAR Jul 16 2020, 13:46 PM
nice idea! im still thinking if weekend or weekday is better for working people.
got no mate anyway sad.gif

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# 5Mortality Jul 23 2020, 18:15 PM

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# 6ahha Jul 25 2020, 21:05 PM
Whats the point of ganging up like this on automatch. Thats what the lobby is for. RIP

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