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Generals crashes when alt-tab out of the game ONLY when you use GenTool

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# 1mrtnptrs Jun 18 2017, 14:05 PM
OS: Windows 10.
Generals version: Origin TUC.
Gentool version: 7.4.
Graphics drivers are correctly installed.
Origin-in-game is disabled.
Using Bibber's C&C Ultimate Collection Launchers (shouldn't make a difference of course.)
Using NO mods.

Only when I'm using Gentool, the game crashes as soon as I alt-tab out of the game. When I disable/uninstall Gentool and try the same thing, it doesn't crash. (EDIT: THIS SEEMS NOT TO BE TRUE ANYMORE, SEE MY LATER REACTIONS!)

So, this is most likely a problem with Gentool. Xezon, can you reproduce this problem? When yes, is there a way for you to fix this annoying problem? Thanks in advance!

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# 2xezon Jun 22 2017, 17:22 PM
Thank you for this report. Yes sound like a problem with GenTool. A very serious one too. I think I have never tested GenTool on Windows 10.

As a workaround you can start the game in "-win" mode and use the Window Position preset "FULL" in GenTool menu. Maybe that works for you?

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# 3mrtnptrs Jun 24 2017, 22:02 PM
How can I help you investigating this bug in Gentool? Can you test it yourself by installing Windows 10 on your PC or can I send a crash dump to you to analyze the problem?

Edit: but using windowed mode (using every window position preset in Gentool), breaks side scrolling over the map using your computer mouse. So, this temporary workaround makes Generals much harder to play sadly. I will check if this behavior happens also without Gentool/look if it is a bug in Gentool. So, windowed mode lets you alt-tab multiple times without issues!

Edit2: that you are not able to side scroll in windowed mode, also happens when you don't use Gentool. But here also some new findings of the original bug described here:

Without Gentool: When you alt-tab out and in again, nothing strange happens. But when you try to alt-tab out for a second time, Generals throws you a famous Serious Error.

With Gentool: A serious error occurs strangely also ONLY after the second time alt-tabbing out..... so, the issue doesn't seem to be caused by Gentool now. But I am sure that the behavior was different previously..... Let me check....

Edit3: Shit, so, the crash happens after you alt-tab out, alt-tab in and alt-tab out again for the second time. *it happens with and without Gentool, so probably an incompatibility- or engine-bug of Generals itself......* Is there maybe a way for you to research this problem?

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# 4xezon Jun 25 2017, 19:47 PM
You can try to use a different compat mode.

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# 5mrtnptrs! Dec 2 2019, 08:29 AM
QUOTE(xezon @ Jun 25 2017, 19:47 PM) *

You can try to use a different compat mode.

Very sorry for forgetting to respond to this for more than 2 years. I have some new information about this bug:
-d3d8to9-wrapper fixes this.
-It happens with and without Gentool installed.
-It seems to happen when you use originally unsupported resolutions: even 1920 by 1080 resolution crashes the game on second alt-tab out of the game. You could maybe reproduce it by trying a lot of resolutions out and try to alt-tab out and into the game multiple times.
-This happens when running the game on both Intel graphics (with sadly unupdatable old drivers), but also on NVidia graphics with latest updated drivers.
-Changing compatibility-mode or even disabling it doesn't fix it.
-I have no modifications or mods installed.

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