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Steam - C&C Launcher

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# 1Olli Jan 14 2017, 19:45 PM

now i`m playing TW and KW with Steam. Today evening i start first KW, there was problems to start with C&C Launcher. After 3 tries it works.
Now i`m trying to login at TW - but game dosnt start or computer hangs on...
I use Win 10 sad.gif

Last year, before i install my system new, it wasnt no problem - i only needed two triess with C&C Launcher to start the games wink.gif

Hook set at TW or KW and both

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# 2Police/AK Jan 28 2017, 16:30 PM
hi dear Hyper im not sure but try this

1- in win 10 change ur wireless from public to privet click on ur wireless wifi or your wire select properties then turn on make this pc discoverable

2- try to open ports for this game in firewall

usually step 1 will solve it,

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