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[BORG] Recruitment

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# 1StarTrekker Aug 30 2005, 12:20 PM
[BORG] Recruitment

The BORG clan is currently INACTIVE

Leader’s Rules
If you cannot conform to any one of the following rules, save your time and do not proceed to attempt to join
. Breach of these rules will result in either warnings or ejection from the collective, determined by the clan leader.

You must play with the highest honour. No map hacking, glitch abuse or deliberate disconnection. I have a zero tolerance of this.
No quitting before you are sure you have lost. No quitting out of frustration. Surrender only when you are certain you cannot win.
Absolutely no flaming. Flaming anyone in the lobby or in-game will not be tolerated. I have started this clan to avoid this kind of dishonour. Even if the enemy clan flames you (or us) you (or we) will simply respond with “we will adapt; we are BORG.” or some other non-abusive (preferably BORG related) response. The idea is to have fun with your BORG persona.
No conflicts with clan mates. Show respect to all clan members. If you have a problem with another clan-mate, first try to resolve it kindly. If that fails, bring your complaint to the clan leader. If your problem is with the clan leader, bring it to them with a clear statement of what the problem is. If the problem is unresolvable, either the players must not play together or a player will be ejected from the collective by means of a decromatic vote.
Save every replay. I want the collective to learn and grow in strength. You need to save wins in order to prove the win in the event that the enemy does not report the loss. As well as that, we can all benefit from a loss by watching what the winning player did and discussing what should have been done to prevent or counter it.
Get a Mike and Download Teamspeak and/or Skype. It is almost crucial to be able to speak directly to other clan mates while playing team games. If you intend on only doing 1v1s then you don't need it, but for teamwork, I find it makes a huge difference. Serious applicants who wish to participate in team games must have teamspeak and a headset/microphone.
Members must stay active. It is a limit placed on everyone by clanwars.cc to play at least one clanwar game every 21 days. I want all members to adapt to the clanwar game level. Playing is the only way to do this. Therefore, each member is to keep active in order to continue improvement and/or keep the rust out. Every member must monitor their own activity status and keep active. Any clan member who allows their account to be deleted at clanwars.cc due to inactivity will automatically be removed from the clan and will need to re-apply to get back in. This doesn't mean you need to spam games, but at least keep your clanwar account alive.
No Complaints about Activity. We are not aiming to be the greatest clan as far as rank is concerned. If it happens it happens. Members complaining about our activity or lack of activity will not be tolerated.

Recruiting Process
The process for recruitment is as follows:
• First, read this document. Ask us about anything you don’t understand.
• Next, if you are still willing to continue, register your interest by placing a post at our forum. Include things like your age, playing history and why you would like to be assimilated into the BORG collective.
• Next you will need to either play a 1v1 against a nominated clan-member (or the clan-leader) or provide us with at least two replays showing your abilities. Super-skill is not a requirement, however you need to be competitive.
Once you have been accepted, you will be expected to create your BORG designation at clanwars.cc and you will then be assimilated into the collective. Skill is important, however, honour is more important to us than skill as you can always improve your skill with practice and discussion, but honour is not easily acquired. For information about how to join clanwars.cc read the Joining Clanwars topic.

Joining the BORG Clan at Gamereplays.org:
Once you have been accepted into the [BORG] clan, go to http://www.gamereplays.org/community/myclanstatus.html and then select Join a Clan. Then from the drop down list, select BORG.

I will then be able to accept you into the clan here at gamereplays.org.

Thank you for your interest in the [BORG] clan smile.gif

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