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# 1GiDeoN Jan 16 2008, 15:56 PM
Welcome to the Graphics Mentoring Program Forum

This forum is open to the mentors and mentees of the graphics mentoring programs going on at GameReplays. Other than you guys, your mentoring program leader and the Game Admins of your games, no-one else is allowed to post in here to disrupt your quiet contemplation of how to get better and make the most of your mentor's advice.

Topic Titles

When you first get accepted on to the mentoring program the mentoring program leader will make a topic for you and your mentor/mentee. The topic title will be of the format:

Main Title: <Mentor GR Name> and <Mentee GR Name> (always the mentor first)
Sub Title: Game to which that pair belong on GR

Don't alter the topic title.

This is your topic and yours alone. No-one else is allowed to post in that topic except the mentor and the mentee and possibly a moderator in exceptional circumstances. It is for training conversations, posting psd files, requesting availability times etc. Anything related to mentoring should be posted in that topic.


Moderation in these Forums

There will be penalties for spamming the mentoring forums and posting in topics that aren't yours. Ultimately you could have your posting rights suspended so don't be tempted to get involved in other people's training no matter how tempting it is.

Each graphics mentoring program has an organiser who will also be a senior member of staff and they will also moderate their own program's topics here. Global Admins will also moderate here if they happen to stop by.

If you happen to be on staff and also a mentor or mentee with moderating powers on these forums because of your position then DO NOT exercise your mod powers in these forums.

Everyone can still press the report button if a post breaks the rules and you can all read each others topics as you wish. Look but don't touch.

Tracking and Bumping Your Topic

If your topic falls off the first page of the forums and you are waiting for a reply to a post from your mentor/mentee then please feel free to bump your topic. Only bump your topic if it falls off the first page and you want a response.

I would advise all mentors and mentees to use the 'Options' drop-down link at the top of your topic page and select 'Track This Topic' from the list and choose your preferred means of notification. Then you can be emailed whenever a new reply is posted in your topic as a reminder.

Ending a Mentoring Program

A mentoring program will not last forever. The time period of the program will be set by the program organiser at the start. At the end of the mentoring program the topics will automatically be closed by the program organiser and each participant sent a feedback PM to give you the opportunity to privately feedback about your mentor or mentee. Please take the opportunity to be as honest as possible whilst still being civil and not flaming. Don't be afraid to tell us the good things the mentors and mentees did as well as the bad.

From time to time a pinned topic will appear with links to guides and hints and tips. Maybe even a poll will appear there occasionally to give you a chance to provide feedback on the whole experience of being a mentor or mentee. Please respond to the polls when you see them. They will help us to put together better programs in the future for newer artists. This site is all about you guys and what you want so make sure you take your opportunity to tell us what we do well or badly.

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