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Battle for Middle Earth 2

LOTRBFME2 - Fortress towers and dorms stay at 0%

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# 1Batman6969 Mar 27 2019, 18:26 PM
Hi there. Old game, I know. Love it tho.

Windows 7
I lost my HD to a crash and had to reinstall the game on new drive - I forgot it's 6 CDs! Anyway, did the install. Upgraded to 1.06. Ran the game. Then ran the no-cd mod. Ran the game. Installed the SEE mod, Beta 4.5.

To the best of my recollection that's the setup I had before. The game plays, and everything seems to work, BUT:

There are no numbers shown for Power Points or resources.
When I build a fortress and try to build Towers and Dorms they start to build, but stay at 0%.

Any ideas? Any other old farts out there still playing this great game?

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