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How to use GameReplays to become better at your favorite game

GameReplays is a site dedicated to making winning strategies and tactics available to everyone who is interested in getting better at their favorite game. We analyze competition-grade strategies and replays and highlight the thoughts and ideas of the pros so that the advice you get is sound advice.

We offer a number of FREE services to help you get better.

Replays are the best tools to learn strategies and tactics. If a picture paints a thousand words, a replay paints a million. Simply watching one replay from our Legendary/Gold sections is enough to help you overcome basic problems and illustrate fundamental strategies that you might not have thought of which can have a huge impact in your success online.

Replay Reviews
Our seasoned staff will review replays to make note of the more subtle points of the game that lead to victory or defeat. Treat their reviews as advice to help make sense of what works and what doesn't work. That is, the do's and dont's of playing.

Shoutcasts are audio commentaries of replays. See our shoutcast guide for more information on how to make use of this GameReplays feature.

Strategy Forums
Our strategy specialists are very good at compiling the latest cutting edge strategies from competitive leagues and ladders. They can summarize the strategies that work and don't work, as well as work with you one on one to help you resolve particular problems you might be having

Open and Expert discussions
GameReplays also has open and expert discussion forums for public viewing. It helps if you engage in debate and making points, arguments, and counter arguments. There's no way to learn faster than to discuss the game with your peers.

Clan gaming
Being part of a clan is good way to practice with friends and to work on countering specific problems.