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Razer Launches Mac Editions of BlackWidow, Anansi

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# 1William Judd Jul 6 2011, 13:11 PM
Razer have recently announced that they've released new Mac-friendly versions of two of their popular gaming keyboards, the BlackWidow and the Anansi. These variants include both reprinted Mac-style keys and updated drivers, allowing full use of all function keys and remapping of keys via the excellent Razer software package.

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The BlackWidow is a gaming keyboard that utilises excellent Cherry Blue mechanical switches, perfect for StarCraft 2, while the Anansi is an MMO-focused gaming keyboard with seven extra keys handily placed below the spacebar. Both StarCraft 2 and World of WarCraft have Mac editions with plenty of players, so this new release by Razer makes a lot of sense.

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Peronsally, I can't wait to try out the Mac version of the BlackWidow in StarCraft 2 - this is one of the first mechanical gaming keyboards built for the Mac, and it's great to see Mac gamers getting the same support as their comrades on the PC. Gaming on the Mac has been hard for a long time, but thanks to StarCraft 2 and Razer it's gotten a little easier.

You can find out more about these keyboads at the links below.

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