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# 1charliesshortt Oct 5 2012, 15:27 PM
Yo experts get me a good PE vs USA game to shoutcast. There has been a slump of them.

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Game: Company of Heroes

# 2adityasingh15 Sep 21 2018, 02:20 AM
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# 3jdlev May 11 2021, 14:58 PM
There's a reason for that...all the US player has to do is make a few AT x 2, x2 snipers, HT w/ 50, backed by 2 eng & 2 rifle to cap and they could sip tea for the first 20 minutes of a match and still win.

Even the 'mightiest' prod. tank call in the game which takes 30 min to reach get's crushed because the last update RELIC did nerf'd the hell out of PE. They should be renamed Panzer Retreat.

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# 4miegorengwithprawns May 12 2021, 20:16 PM
Concur. I observe an obvious dearth of PE players in online 1v1 for that reason.

Against competent opponents of at least equal ability, the 'final patch' PE fragility ubernerf now necessitates playing them in 1v1 in a boringly linear (may as well just play Wehr instead) survival mode, difficult, and very much now orientated to a single doctrine -no surprise, the one favoured by the 3% 'elite' percentile.

Having played the game since its inception, I share and feel your aggravation with that unalterable status quo. No objective point in whining though. It's a 14 year old game, which is like ancient history to those who didn't participate in its glory days.

Just such a shame COH was hobbled to coerce the COH player cadre over to COH2, which from the outset was and still is such a DLC afflicted POS, and with no COH3 on the horizon. Even if any was to be announced a date indeterminate future release, one could be sure its raison d'etre would again be a DLC delivery vehicle for corporate CEO bonuses and max shareholder dividend rather than any intention of balancing it so as DLC would lose its necessity rendering buying it moot.

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Game: Company of Heroes


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