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[OoE]'s All-time Roster & Hall of Fame Awards.

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# 1[OoE]MiRaGE Mar 16 2005, 12:10 PM
Brief History
Over 3 Years ago( in June 2003 ) on Command and Conquer Generals, myself, Trojan and 2 other Australian lobby n00bs decided to make a clan after the demise of the Dominant Australian Lobby Clan, NcV (Nemesis: COLD Vengeance) . We struggled long and hard to think of a name for the clan and in the end came up with "Order Of the Elites". We began cw as noobs, yet rocketed into the lead on the last night of our first ever month before falling to the giants of CW, [First] lead by the robotic Nautica. After our first month ever where we finished an amazingly close 2nd, we contined to pile up top 3 finishes, but could never overcome the might of [First]. In the final CW month before the release of Zero Hour, [OoE] Combined with HLX to win it's first CW title.
Many years have past and OoE has taken over from First as the dominant clan in CW competiton in Zero Hour, and has seen More players on its Roster than most other Clans, some of the names might surprise you smile.gif. In Zero Hour the [OoE] tag has finished #1 ten times, but our love of aliases means most [OoE] members have at least 10-21 CW titles.
In 2006, [OoE] also developed a Battle for Middle Earth II Division, which has immediately achieved success on that game.
2007 came, and we expanded into CNC3, with lots of success.
As 2007 draws to a close, we continue to be a successful and enjoyable clan to be a part of, Love us or Hate us we don't care, but we will continue to make clan gaming fun for many months to come. smile.gif


IPB Image

ALL-TIME Command and Conquer Generals & Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour Roster

IPB Image

MiRaGE- IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image
Co Founder of the clan and only ExCaL has ever won more CW titles. Former top 1v1 player with China, now mostly a noob basher in 1v1 yet remains a good 2v2 player. Resides in the lands of Australia and is fiercly Patriotic!
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Trojan- IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image
Co-Founder of the clan. Being from the Isolated West Australian Metropolis of Perth has given Trojan plenty of time to Noob Bash, Forum Nerd, be an admin geek and be a consistantly good 2v2 competitor!
Awards:IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

IPB Image
Dutch gamer was a decent player that landed in [OoE] as part of a 2 for 1 package with the great man himself, Avenas. He struggled with consistancy and Self Esteem, but was a friendly dutchman.

DeathAngel- IPB Image
One of my favourite all-time Members, DeathAngel is from the war torn society of Palestine. He was a fantastic 2v2 player and very competitive 1v1 player with china and gla teams in the early stages of Zero Hour. Was loyal to us while he played.
Awards: IPB ImageIPB Image

HellKnight/Arecal- IPB Image
Another of my favourite gamers, Arecal was an absolute legend at the start of Zero Hour. The Most dominant gla player of all-time, he basically never lost a gla mirror. Also was one of the TOP Nuke players. Clanning with him in [FH] was a highlight.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

Ancient- IPB Image IPB Image
Strange yet cool form of life from Singapore, Ancient was always a top gla player throughout his career on ccg and zh, and one of many top gla players to have a hilarious rivalry with the king of bitches, Eficko. Played for [OoE] for a very long time, then decided it was time to move on and joined our enemies, [GC].
Awards: IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

IPB Image IPB Image
Some members of the community laughed and believed aggr0 Bribed himself into [OoE] when he joined us in dfV| at the beginning of ZH as he was a completely shit CCG player. But after joining with us he improved every month, becoming a great player after alot of hard work. Called himself ARROGANTAGGRO and lived up to the name, he was a great, great member to have around and is still a very funny member when not fulfilling his life as an American Teen.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

iorio- IPB Image
Great guy, fun to clan with and I enjoyed playing ffgs against him more than anyone else except aggro,he had a great nuke mirror and we had many battles over the years and still do when he comes back for his once every year comebacks tongue.gif. Was a top player at times too.

Bakah- IPB Image
former {DOA}- clan member was another great member for [OoE]. Fun to clan with, Bakah's greatest achievement for the clan was probably in the Famous [OoE] FFA Arena, where he usually tried alot harder than the rest of the opposition and earned the tag "FFA PRO".
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image

Avenas/Omnirai- IPB Image
Strange yet amusing form of life from Turkey/Netherlands, Omnirai completely dominated for [OoE] in February 2003, winning at 90% and leading us to a 6k win. Played with us again later in his career.
Awards: IPB ImageIPB Image

True/[OoE]Nukeulear- IPB Image
Lasted 1 week in [OoE] before quitting because we did not wish to play 1v1 ffg's against him smile.gif. One of the most outspoken players of all-time.
Awards: IPB Image

Ro[M]aN- IPB Image IPB Image
Played a few months for [OoE] on CCG, where he was, along with Fox333, the most creative player on the game and quite simply an outstanding player. Had a love or hate relationship with the clan, and once threatened to send a bomb to my house. sad.gif
Awards: IPB Image

Maxpovver- IPB Image
The best all-round player in CCG History, Maxpovver spent 1 month in the clan. Was an awesome experience for the clan to have him around, we were still very new to the CW arena, it was only our 2nd month..and to have Max in the clan proved we were going in the right direction.
Awards: IPB Image

Nautica- IPB Image
[OoE]'s feared nemesis from CCG even managed to spend a couple of weeks in the clan on the CCG-laddder.

Tracti0nZ- IPB Image
Probably my favourite CCG player, Tractionz was absolutely ownage in 2v2, great in 1v1 as well (never managed to beat him sad.gif). And to add to that he was a funny member to have around the clan as well.
Awards: IPB Image

[OoE]UberSport/[Pimp]Commander- IPB Image
Legendary CCG player joined the clan on the request of Tracti0nZ and they became a top team in CCG. Later on in Zero Hour i found out he was quite the moron biggrin.gif

RoCCo- IPB Image
Never really got to play for an active [OoE] CW team on CCG, but played for [HERO] in the last active CW month on ccg, then also for [OoE] on the CCG-Ladder. Was quite a good gla player on gens, not as good on ZH. Funny guy also.

ShoCKeRr/Poco-Loco/[HERO]SuperCow- IPB Image
Typical Dutch flamer, joined the clan late on CCG, was alright I guess with gla and china. Played Zero Hour as well but was pretty bad at it.
Awards: IPB Image

Nirvana- IPB Image
Fairly strong China player on CCG, joined [OoE] along with Shockerr as part of the mass Eficko Exodus after the drama queen booted Nirvana because he told him to play more often. Tried his hand at USA/Laser on Zero Hour but wasn't nearly as good as he was on ccg.

Andres/Escencia- IPB Image
Another of my favourite players, Andres "The Spanish Gla Killer" totally destroyed gla with USA on ccg and was a TOP player on that game. Friendly Person and fun to clan with.
Awards: IPB Image

DfV/[OoE]TiTAN- IPB Image IPB Image
Australian Member who formed part of the first ever [OoE] CW team on CCG, then later rejoined us with DfV| to start of ZH.
Awards: IPB Image

Tactical^ - IPB Image
The man with the "unbeatable Triangle Fast tech" on ZH Played for [OoE] for about 1 week on CCG before getting fed up with HoMy's moronic Ways and quit the clan.

HoMy - IPB Image
Probably the worst ever recruit for [OoE]. After months of begging mobilize style he finally got into the clan against most people's wishes including mine. Disconnected in games he was losing and then AR'd them, lied, flamed and noob bashed. Also point pushed. Once i discovered these things I forced trojan into telling him the bad news he'd been KICKED. w00t.gif
Later turned into a Maphacker/Point Pusher/Disconnector/Violation expert on ZH with [GC].

Dia[M]ond- IPB Image
Dutch flamer kiddy at one stage had the best dual war nuke mirror in Zero Hour, but almost just as quickly he was kicked from [OoE] for being a bad loser. Next Month he famously was given Maphack by DMraider with the most famous MSN file transfer in ZH History smile.gif.
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image

Ordos33- IPB Image
Ordos formed 1/3 of the famous Perth Posse featuring real life associates Trojan and eight8a11. Actually thought of the clan name "Order of the Elites". Wasn't a great player, but he was sure a good flamer as Pyromyth found out smile.gif.
Awards: IPB ImageIPB Image

Muttz0r- IPB Image
Friendly gamer from the Gold Coast, Australia, Muttz0r was a long time member of SkVn and NcV clans on ccg before joining DfV on Zero Hour and then joining [OoE]. Actually had some gaming talent, but he simply had no competitiveness at all.

Thundabot1- IPB Image
Another founding member of [OoE] and was involved in it's first CW team, would probably be over 30 years of age now, another citizen of PERTH. Was an average player but a friendly person. famously when we were noobs learning CCG he made 20 chinooks and wondered why he wasn't getting any money w00t.gif
Awards: IPB Image

MeTaLLiCa4/HarDraiN4- IPB Image
Slightly retarded/deformed, Hardrain was a "solid" Australian Lobby competitor who was a random inclusion of [OoE]'s first ever ccg CW team. I honestly have no idea why he was in it as we always seemed to hate each other, but oh well. biggrin.gif
Awards: IPB Image
Awards: IPB Image

PyroMyth- IPB Image
The Most Power Hungry leader Ever, Another Aussie. Comes from possibly the most """"""scenic"""""" Location in the WORLD, the Riverland, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

[OoE]Insane- IPB Image
[OoE]'s first ever International recruit, from our "close" neighbours Singapore, Insane was an "Average" competitor in CW standards, but for [OoE] he was like GOLD, as we were all noobs at the time biggrin.gif

[OoE]Silver- IPB Image IPB Image
One of the most mature Dutch Citizens I ever saw, Silver joined the clan when he was only 13 yet spoke absolutely flawless English, was a friendly member good to have around, developed into one of CCG's Best ever players with a great middle strat with china smile.gif. Stuck around with DfV| on Zero Hour.
Awards: IPB Image

Anti-Castro- IPB Image
Friend and teammate of Silver, Castro was a cuban IMMIGRANT of the USA who was quite strange, never really got to know him as he wasn't that active.

gEiger- IPB Image
Extremely Laid back and Humerous Irishman. Geiger was a very good 2v2 player with many strategies usually quite Lame and designed to kill the opponent as fast as possible. a great laugh on TS.

LoNe|SoLDieR/[MuSiC]TaNGo^- IPB Image
played a week or 2 in MuSiC in generals before sucking and quitting coz he was scared to lose.

ThOR- IPB Image
A Great Member. Very friendly and Laid Back, ThOR also has the ability to flame as well as anyone when pissed off which is hilarious to see as it rarely happens.
The most Famous and Best USA player of all-time on ZH and probably the #2 USA player of all-time on CCG behind danish compatriot Gnug315, ThOR now shows off his great RTS gaming ability with DoW PRO clan, )TOT( where he is again one of the best players.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image IPB Image

The Turkish Gangzter was in our [MuSiC] clan for basically only 2 or 3 days before being forced to quit because of violation scares.

MoBiLiZe^/Quitilize/Violize- IPB Image
Spent his first period of time in our clan as our Cheerleader smile.gif But after years of begging, finally I allowed him to join [OoE] for a month. Mobi had some skill, but had shocking self esteem and threatened to quit Life many times when losing. Also was the KING of Clan Hopping/Causing Violations and he ruined many many clans over his career. Was also voted as CNCreplays.com's Best Gangster.

Wok- IPB Image
Very cool guy, even better name. Wok was in [NcV] on ccg and eventually joined [OoE] for a very short period but soon lost interest with CCG just as we were becoming a good clan sad.gif Was fun to team with in 2v2.
Awards: IPB Image

b0mb3r3- IPB Image
LAN Nerd. I guess when you live in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia there isnt much better things to do. Was a funny member though and was improving as a player as well before losing internet connection and never regaining interest with ZH again sad.gif.

A1CnC/[Dual]Koolz- IPB Image
Although no1 except me noticed it, A1CnC was probably the biggest cheater of all-time.
He had an amazing Point Pushing scheme going in the Early stages of Zero Hour where he would make 3 or 4 clans and actually play with all of them to make them look real as well as pushing them all with each other and then finally pushing himself with them, amazingly I was the only one who ever noticed. Sadly this took away from his achievements on CCG where i was so excited to recruit him, as he was a nice guy and a really great ccg player but I will never know if he also used these cheating tactics on that game also.

Armageddon- IPB Image
Yes that same average competitor from Zero Hour! He played for us on the ccg-ladder when we had a roster of 20 people as he was a friend of A1CNC.

AirRaid- IPB Image
Unfortunately 1 day after AirRaid joined the clan, we decided to quit playing CW as the release of ZH was approaching and we wanted to relax with ffg's and plan our new clan for ZH. sad.gif

DJ-Ar-Bee- IPB Image IPB Image
Awesome member, really funny and laid back, Ar-Bee has some great RTS ability on many games, but he never really has shown it yet for an [OoE] Clan. He was obsessed with Infantry general on Zero Hour and refused to believe it was overpowered.
Runs an Internet Cafe and incredibly annoyingly has to serve customers in the middle of his games...

Awards: IPB Image

Hail- IPB Image
The Fat British Policeman from Grimsby, England.
Hail has a nasty sense of humour and is one of the biggest flamers of all-time and had many run-ins with his best friend, ZH-Admin1
Thankfully his relationship with ZH2 is alot better biggrin.gif. Also formed one of the most dominant 2v2 teams of all-time with Excal.
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

ExCaL- IPB Image IPB Image
Most Successful Zero Hour Player of all-time approaching 20 CW Titles, amazing.
Arguably the best Zero Hour ever as well, especially in team games. During the early part of his career was made famous by being the lamest player in clanwars with his combat chinook abuse, tech spam abuse, power techspam abuse, uber vee abuse and much more, but with basically everything lame in ZH these days + the invasion of Kuwaitees he has kind of lost that title, i'm sure he'd love to get it back though smile.gif.
Professional Dancer with his estonian Partner and regularly ventures off into exotic locales to compete in International tournaments.
Awards:IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

ImpacT- IPB Image
American born GERMAN Spammer, Impact speaks his own language and at his time was probably the best player in Clan wars with flawless china play in 1v1. Developed handy USA and GLA also.
Awards: IPB Image

FrOg- IPB Image
Arrogant competitor, FrOg was originally a 1v1 TD china whore who had a great mid strat in nuke mirrors. Developed into a top team player later, was removed from the clan after spending about 3 months in it and will never be allowed back in it, no matter how much he tells you we are begging for his return wink.gif.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

Knockout- IPB Image
Well, well. The master of Strategies himself. Knockout has thought of many amazing strategies for the clan and is a VETERAN RTS gamer. His KO Migs, KO mans drops, KO vanilla raptors vs tank gen and KO Dual Helix strats are all extremely famous within the clan smile.gif.
Jokes aside he is one of the best team players of all-time, especially with Airforce and has shared a number of good partnerships with shotgun, hackolopo, Excal (arguably the best combo ever) and most recently dackel.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

^HaZe^ IPB Image
Recruited for his 1v1 "abillity" played 8 games for a win/loss of 5-3 including being AUTO REPORTED for a -1000+ pts loss, 2nd worst recruit ever.

EnGaGe- IPB Image
Was recruited as the official [OoE] GFX Pro. Sadly he was absolutely shit at GFX w00t.gif but was a cool member and a decent but not great ZH player with China armies. Was fun to have around the clan.

LoVe- IPB Image

AuDi- IPB Image
The Best gla player of all-time, Robotic Dutch Spammer child and a very defensive yet friendly citizen.
Awards: IPB Image

ThundeR- IPB Image
Came to the clan on request of ExCaL, wasn't a great player but was carried to many victories by excal biggrin.gif.
More famous in our BfME II division where he seems to be a very good player!

spalding- IPB Image IPB Image
GERMAN gamer made famous for perfecting the manspam strategy with tank gen vs USA in 1.02.
Nowdays he is a great all-round player with USA being his preferred army where he is arguably the BEST all-round USA player after the retirement of ThOR. Excellent member and friendly as well if your Ego does not collide with his HUGE, INFLATED Mega Ego biggrin.gif.
Very Arrogant but always backs up his statements, as [AH][SW]Heartless found out. sad.gif.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

LeViAthAn- IPB Image
Excellent Nuke player, amazing micro with china and great with china vs all factions. The King of Excuses, he really made some of the most classic excuses after losing ever. Really hated Reese with a passion and after losing to Kuwaitee bus spammers he really did lose it, and made us laugh alot in the process.
Awards:IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Hololo- IPB Image
1 month for [OoE] as [OoE]Goggo, spammed alot of games and achieved a good rank, but also spammed alot of losses. A weird german dude who clearly had lots of skill but messed around alot.

MaKauTZ- IPB Image
another german GAMER Spent only a few days in OoE b4 finding a new home with his german buddies smile.gif

Apex- IPB Image
Michael Zeoli, King of Life. Everyone can only wish their life was as good as the great Zeoli's. He can pimp chicks with the best of them, run 100m faster than most track super stars, and was scouted for college baseball when he was 13, the man has it ALL. Along with being a top china player and spammer on ZH smile.gif.
Awards:IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

Misterjoe- IPB Image IPB Image
Amazingly goes to the same school as [OoE]AGGRO in Bowie, Maryland. A strange competitor, he is smart and loves to show it off to anyone who cares (or doesn't care), has obsessions for Owls and Pillows and was a very good 1v1 China player on Zero Hour.
Crowned [OoE]'s ALL-TIME FFA """"Pro"""", Edging out Bakah in this highly sort after award.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

IDonTKnoW- IPB Image
played in MaRS and was a pretty dedicated player, wasnt as good as i thought he was but still got alot of victories.

4FuNKiLLEr- IPB Image
GOOD Gamer, but sadly had no personality at all!! he never said one worD to me

Pilbots- IPB Image
Played for [OoE] a couple of times, was more wellknown for being one of [OoE]'s greatest rivals but being good mates with Excal lead us to clan with the great man a few times smile.gif. Top with all armies but imo his best was USA.
Is currently gaming in our BfMEII division, outstanding player on that game as well.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

Bli[N]d^- IPB Image IPB Image
Played for [OoE] on the unsuccessful Bissgens ladder and I believe 1 other Month for us on ZH CW. Awesome all-round player, China being the side I like to watch him play the most.
Awards: IPB Image

Dackel- IPB Image
Outstanding all-round player, has the best micro ever seen on Zero Hour. Freakish Map awareness (no, not maphack, if you watched his video's you'd understand why). extremely good/lame USA player, great if slightly flawed gla player with the best tech rpg usage ever seen, improving robotic china player....great 2v2 player as well...he's the best player playing at the moment. (July 2006) and it's great he's on our team smile.gif.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image IPB Image

Wiggy- IPB Image
Solid 2v2 player with china sides. Okish with the other teams, spent 1 month with us in CW.

Silent- IPB Image
Mega forum spammer and solid 2v2 player, played 1 month with us in ZH CW.

HuMaN1Ty/StrikeR- IPB Image
Improves every month, very useful with all teams in 1v1 and 2v2. GLA is his best and favourite faction. Played with us for a couple of months on CW, winning a CW title.
Awards: IPB Image

GirlZ- IPB Image
Also Improves every month, former dutch kiddy flamer decided to take a new attitude with us, finally winning our respect as we let him in the clan and he did a nice job smile.gif. Wasn't his best month, but he remains one of the best players playing today.
Awards: IPB Image IPB ImageIPB Image

---------Award Descriptions at Bottom of Page---------

All-Time Battle For Middle Earth Roster

IPB Image

[OoE]Letigre : Fearless leader. This clan would be non existant on bfme2 without his massive 7 game a month contribution

[OoE]Inubasha : Forms one of the best 2v2 combos in the game presently with the big FreeZZ

[OoE]FreeZZing : The best gamer in bfme2 atm. Claimed a warrior title the month before last with 90% win

[OoE]EiGhtBaLL : Top team gaming competitor from the land of Potatoes, Ireland.

[OoE]Knockout : 3 games a month spammer

[OoE]Thunder : Resident welsh gam0r who has an affinity for sheep and other wooly creatures. Good team player and tactical 1v1 gam0r

[OoE]Godlike^ : Closet gam0r makin his way in the world of bfme2 improving each month and finished last month with 90+% win

[OoE]Pillbots : One of the top 1v1 gam0rs around although it has been overshadowed by child being 5-1 on him . Also good at 2v2.Now that he has learned the wonders of voice communication, he will probably be Godlike^ at 2v2

[OoE]LordOfWar : Another top 1v1 player who is also good at 2v2. has 2 warrior titles in 4months of gaming on bfme2

[OoE]MasterJ : Highly skilled 1v1 gam0r. German recruit who helped us attain [OoE] clan gold in june

[OoE]Dryzen- Faith played around 30games last month before he quit with a mid 50% win .Likes to correct ppl who mispell

Locolukky- played 10 or so last month before he quit because noone was playing (letigres recruit )

[OoE]Believe- He quit a few times.June holder of Moron of the month award

[NcV]RatBoY66 - Havoc. Resident forum whore who was with us in NcV

[NcV]Frostbomb/ExCaL- excal another NcV gam0r but the allure of zh proved too much for him

[NcV]Darvian/Trojan- our resident [OoE] Admin@ OoEreplays.org

-----------------------IPB Image------------------------


The Eagerly anticipated Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium wars was released in early 2007, and [OoE] jumped head first into the game with a large division of excited gamers! The game was bitterly dissappointing, but we managed to win the only two CW titles and had some genuinley good players and people with us on this very short ride. We managed to also create a fun rivalry with the "sponsored" [TIBS].LoT MuLTiGaMiNG Clan as well. It all ended quite suddenly though, with gamers quitting out of frustration and boredom, others going away and others leaving to "Greener" pastures.

He started off really well, winning the important british lan, i31 with his partner, Dackel. Found nod to his liking, and spammed scorps with good success early on smile.gif Later on got really busy with dancing/Uni and was quite inactive for the remainder of his playing days. Not sure what game he's on now!
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image

When I was around he was probably the best GDI player on the game. I believe this continued right through to the World Cyber Games, where he placed a respectable third. Grass was greener in a sponsored clan though, and he left us for a-Losers.MSI MULTIGAMING
Awards:IPB Image IPB Image

Was a strong player for us in the early months. Winning alot of games and achieving good ranks. Wasn't good enough to suggest he'd win World Cyber Games, but what a great achievement from him, winning the UK's first ever gold medal in the biggest gaming tourny in the world. Also was too pro for us in the end, joining a """"'pro""""" UK clan. Was good to have around, active in the forums and in representing us in many leagues/tournies, whilst most members were too robotic to venture outside of CW.
Awards:IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

He burst out of the blocks as the first "star" player on CNC3. He was confident of wcg glory and CW dominance, but as his commitment to the game faded along with his enjoyment, his domination did also, and he ended up quitting for good, with alot of us. Tried a last gasp effort to win WCG USA, and amazingly, nearly qualified.
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Bfme2's best player looked set to be successful in CNC3 as well, and so it proved. Whilst OoE was around, he wasn't great...but he continued playing after the clan dissolved on CNC3, and became one of the very best players on the game. Unlucky to miss USA WCG due to being a kiddy yank teen sad.gif Still plays to this day and apparently dominates.
Awards: IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image

Really good guy from Singapore, He finished second at his National WCG Final, but somehow hacked himself onto the team anyway biggrin.gif. Continued to support the clan right through to today, even though nearly all of us had already quit sad.gif He is a talented gamer, but really was never quite active enough to reach his full potential, also struggled to find opponents to practice with for WCG.
Awards: IPB Image

Was probably the first player in the clan to work out how mediocre CNC3 was. He never really liked it and struggled to achieve the high standards he set in Zero Hour.
Awards: IPB Image

Played like 30 games ever and possibly 1 CW ever. What more could you expect from a King of Life.....

Was good to have LeVi back in the clan with his funny comments and strong play. He was pretty good, a QM pro and a decent CW noobbasher for us biggrin.gif Before returning to CSS Spam

A random recruit I made, He turned out to be a dominant 2v2 player, leading us to many wins on the official clan ladder and hardly any defeats. Friendly person and a former Ra2 Professional.
Awards: IPB Image

He was a Quick Match and Official ladder Professional, achieving nice ranks, and a CW Noobbasher, and 2v2 tagalong. Never really fell in love with the game, and was just a decent player. Unbeaten vs WCG Opposition, LMFAO
Awards: IPB Image

QM Veteran and 2v2 ladder pro+++ Played the odd alias CW before getting bored of the game and never venturing online again!!

Uh, yeah, played like 25 ffg's/ QM games, losing half of them. Did basically nothing at all for the clan, did make a three man clan with his DiVA Best buddies though, who were all as bad as him. Not exactly sure why I added him, but I guess he's such a BIG Human being, who'd mess with him?

Award Descriptions and Red Alert 3 Division BELOW!

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# 2Cammy Mar 19 2005, 15:00 PM

Dec 20 2003, 03:07 PM

DUDE - Profesional player

Bahumut ?? - Very good non reporter and techspammer

EMPEE - Complains alot, would be good at dodging

AGM LAUNCHER - Same as above

Audioslave - We could use a cheater

Mackie - ^^


Call911 - apparently he knows where to get flametank hack

nOObjabi - He is best VANILLA USA (OH IT IS SO HARD)

Lutinor - Maphackers are necessary

Nautica - Where has he gone? O wait, no more tunnels.

Botulism - Profesional Clanwars record, good at techspamming + tunnels

Summy - Same as above

MEDIC - Very good player, where has he gone?

KOOLZ - Best tunnel spammer ever?

-FW- - All of them. We need them.

[RevelZ] - All of them. We need them. Especially DIVEL

Cr3wZ - Good tunnels at tourney Island

[Dwarf]maggr0 - Good player.

Vegeta - Just because.

DarkDevil - Good Clanwars win %

all of [-E-] Clan - amazing Clanwars win %

HoMy - Good at disconnecting, nonreporting, complaining, lying, all around top player

FOXOLOGY - Good at making excuses such as "Lag made my ecm not work"

Hitlaser - eye knoe ingleeesh

GIZZMO - Profesional Outposts

Inc-X Paranoia - Very good at reporting to the wrong people to preserve his winstreak.

pi314159 - likes to play 1v1 on TF.

DMRAIDER - Need a proven hacker.

FROG - OoE has gone downhill since we lost diz pro `yo

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[OoE]MiRaGE   [OoE]'s All-time Roster & Hall of Fame Awards.   Mar 16 2005, 12:10 PM
Reese   http://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-...   Mar 16 2005, 13:03 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   Thanks for Your Expert opinion as Usual Reese :D   Mar 16 2005, 13:08 PM
GooDSpeeD   my my impressive list... :o   Mar 16 2005, 13:34 PM
KOELIEOH   The yellow/gold is DAMN annoying vs this white bac...   Mar 16 2005, 19:55 PM
KOELIEOH   word* :P :w00t:   Mar 16 2005, 19:57 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   i hate the white background, so bright. I've g...   Mar 17 2005, 06:34 AM
[OoE]Trojan   INVISION DEFAULT?   Mar 17 2005, 13:34 PM
Espo   Aint it kinda difficuld to find out what to write ...   Mar 18 2005, 06:41 AM
[OoE]Trojan   TBH you could name every gamer that has made a m...   Mar 18 2005, 07:32 AM
[Micro]Jedi Benji   true dat gogoogog mirage every gamer ever...   Mar 19 2005, 10:39 AM
Reese   mirage, your work is noobish ......... :D   Mar 18 2005, 17:41 PM
xrated   wait, if they are #1 and #2 worst recruits ever, w...   Mar 19 2005, 00:56 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   think i made the list b4 we recruited love. Love i...   Mar 19 2005, 08:46 AM
Spi][Fir3   Very impressive   Mar 19 2005, 14:15 PM
[OoE]Trojan   Lol some classics, rofl @ FOXOLOGY inclusive of ...   Mar 20 2005, 14:17 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   that was a very funny list :P who is cammy :WTF:   Mar 21 2005, 06:54 AM
-aSx-MoBiLiZe^   Add RHiNOTaNK? :)   Mar 21 2005, 06:56 AM
[Micro]Jedi Benji   a Sock?   Mar 21 2005, 06:57 AM
[OoE]Knockout   Jedi Benji, i cant believe u lost that final, omg,...   Mar 22 2005, 06:07 AM
[Micro]Jedi Benji   they werent my pikes tbh, harder to micro someon...   Mar 22 2005, 09:29 AM
[OoE]Knockout   whoever those pikes belongs too, u and him shoul...   Mar 22 2005, 12:16 PM
[Micro]Jedi Benji   Yes :( least i learnt a lessen - DC when ston...   Mar 23 2005, 01:10 AM
AgmLauncher   That almost funny except for the fact that I dont ...   Mar 22 2005, 06:10 AM
TeKnoMaN   LOL agm you dirty dodger. :wub:   Mar 22 2005, 06:31 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   AGGRO did that list like 2 years ago :rolleyes: ...   Mar 22 2005, 07:39 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Almost AGM :D   Mar 22 2005, 07:43 AM
carnage   :lol: at the second list. i remember that. :lol:   Mar 22 2005, 12:25 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   i still laugh when i read it :P was VINTAGE AGGRO.   Mar 22 2005, 13:08 PM
[OoE]AGGRO   That list was one of my best works :D :D Especial...   Mar 23 2005, 01:15 AM
SnA`Cammy   Mirage, im loner boi :)   Mar 23 2005, 17:37 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   roflrofloroflr APEX= Orange gam0r!!   Apr 6 2005, 08:22 AM
[OoE]-ApeX   ;D   Apr 7 2005, 00:31 AM
[OoE]AGGRO   my list owns . >. . .> < <<>...   Apr 6 2005, 15:24 PM
Enemar   ooooh classic names.......   Apr 6 2005, 17:10 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   hi Scaran54 =)   Apr 6 2005, 18:43 PM
Enemar   hey Mirage :D   Apr 6 2005, 18:56 PM
[OoE]Trojan   Well TBH I'm leaving the clan so SCAREN can jo...   Apr 8 2005, 08:13 AM
Enemar   :)   Apr 9 2005, 15:54 PM
[OoE]Ancient   yo Enemar long time no see   Apr 22 2005, 12:31 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   [Fate] The DfV| REBEL clan?!?!?!   Apr 22 2005, 13:57 PM
[OoE]Trojan   Nothing like flaming CONCEPT :S :S   Apr 22 2005, 18:05 PM
[OoE]-ApeX   :S :S :S   May 5 2005, 18:46 PM
[OoE]Ancient   The Concept of this topic is cool   May 7 2005, 15:14 PM
[OoE]AGGRO   remember we had big FIGHTS ancient and we h8d each...   May 8 2005, 13:42 PM
carnage   i remeber you accusing him of map hack in a game...   May 9 2005, 10:19 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Yes, you hated each other more than I and him!   May 9 2005, 10:12 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   Rooster Added...thx to aggro for making such an im...   Jun 3 2005, 03:56 AM
DeMoN1C   That's almost the whole ZH community except me...   Jun 9 2005, 00:42 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   and many others :)   Jun 9 2005, 01:23 AM
[OoE]Trojan   And ZeeD :S   Jun 9 2005, 08:28 AM
[OoE]ExCaL^   KOBALT?   Jun 9 2005, 10:09 AM
-uGa-Bli[N]d-   Or anthony666_Le_Killer_Fou^ ....What a godly game...   Jun 9 2005, 20:01 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   arylan master race Francais-Kobalt*   Jun 10 2005, 04:54 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Brutallius...   Jun 10 2005, 16:39 PM
CyRaX^   This topic owns...   Jun 14 2005, 23:41 PM
[OoE]-ApeX   O.K.   Jun 29 2005, 16:09 PM
Turboturk   yow man u forgot me !!! [GOD]Stylotur...   Jul 11 2005, 03:34 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   apart from the fact u were never in the clan :)   Jul 11 2005, 03:53 AM
[OoE]Trojan   FfS if only he was!   Jul 11 2005, 04:27 AM
CyRaX^   I am a fucking moron   Jul 17 2005, 02:03 AM
CyRaX^   sorry agrro :(   Jul 30 2005, 08:35 AM
[OoE]Hail   [OoE] are the greatest :) I look forward to our re...   Jul 28 2005, 01:53 AM
[GC]Haze^   i wish RA3 was allready here :bang:   Aug 4 2005, 12:24 PM
[OoE]Ancient   should be out in 2006   Aug 31 2005, 13:51 PM
DeMoN1C   They should'n't waste their time on BFME 2   Aug 31 2005, 21:55 PM
Psy-FoXz   You have to change spaldings color, because i reme...   Sep 1 2005, 14:45 PM
spalding   You have to change spaldings color, because i rem...   Oct 3 2005, 22:18 PM
[OoE]MiRaGE   ^done^   Sep 2 2005, 04:49 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Slazenger :S   Oct 3 2005, 08:02 AM
DeMoN1C   sad   Oct 6 2005, 03:12 AM
Psy-FoXz   spalding :wub: DeMoN1C <_<   Oct 9 2005, 19:25 PM
DeMoN1C   why <_<   Oct 27 2005, 20:18 PM
Haze^   i think he doesnt like u :( its a shame :@   Oct 27 2005, 20:42 PM
Psy-FoXz   why <_< Why do you post sad after...   Nov 1 2005, 17:38 PM
-|HaWkY^   generalben was in OoE? the generalben tht was uber...   Nov 4 2005, 12:39 PM
Sm34g0l   generalben was in OoE? the generalben tht was ube...   Nov 4 2005, 13:57 PM
Wiggeh   itwasajoke.com   Nov 4 2005, 12:57 PM
-Bli[N]d-   Basketball?   Nov 4 2005, 14:53 PM
[OoE]Trojan   NFL... Btw, GENBEN > HAWKY...   Nov 4 2005, 17:23 PM
spalding   Crocodile hunting   Nov 4 2005, 14:56 PM
[OoE]Ancient   steve irwin?   Nov 4 2005, 15:53 PM
spalding   ^   Nov 4 2005, 15:54 PM
[OoE]Ancient   nice bump tbh   Nov 4 2005, 15:56 PM
DeMoN1C   sad   Nov 6 2005, 23:02 PM
MiNi   Steve Irwin rules tbh   Nov 8 2005, 12:32 PM
Tams   Steve Irwin rules tbh Rofl. Not agreed.   Nov 8 2005, 12:37 PM
[OoE]Trojan   His YANK WIFE is even more retarded.   Nov 21 2005, 17:03 PM
Apex   Updated.   Nov 22 2005, 22:33 PM
FrOg   Updated. Don't see anything updated :S .   Dec 5 2005, 05:13 AM
[OoE]Trojan   TERRI, reminds me of that stupid vegetable.   Nov 23 2005, 03:27 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Updated   Dec 9 2005, 05:06 AM
hobo   Hi   Dec 9 2005, 05:22 AM
Apex   Well, I added warriors such as [OoE]RHiNOTaNK and ...   Dec 9 2005, 18:15 PM
FrOg   Well, I added warriors such as [OoE]RHiNOTaNK and...   Dec 10 2005, 06:36 AM
Amox   :P   Dec 15 2005, 08:30 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   lmao @ TRISCUIT   Dec 15 2005, 10:24 AM
[OoE]Trojan   Who was that :P   Dec 15 2005, 10:25 AM
[OoE]MiRaGE   pilly :wub:   Dec 15 2005, 10:33 AM

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