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Breaking Point: CoD 2 & 4 Tournaments

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# 1Verdo Jul 12 2009, 18:14 PM
Two on-going tournaments for Call of Duty 2 and 4, sponsored by DGServers & BadAcid was announced by bpcod.com. The CoD2 tournament called Tour of Duty 21 simulates a trip back in time to the point when the Axis and Allied forces battled each other for control over Europe. They are currently in the 12th week of this tour and there is still time to participate.

The Call of Duty 2 tournament is being played on about 128 custom maps with limited weapons, and awards are being given out for performance. This tournament will take place on Thursdays 5:00PM to 9:30PM as well as Sundays from 1:00PM to 8:00PM (Eastern time)

The Call of Duty 4 tournament called Tour of Duty 22: Aggressors vs. Peacekeepers places you into a world at the brink of war, two sides with their own interpretation of freedom. Join the Aggressors and take over the world by any means, or join the United Nation Peacekeepers who protect the free nations from aggression.

Tour of Duty 22 will take place on Wednesdays from 11:30AM to 8:00PM as well as Saturdays from 11:30AM to 10:00PM (Eastern time). This tournament will take place on over 80 custum maps with limited weapons and awards will also be given.

Enlist in these tournaments at bptourneys.com
Visit the CoD4 tournament section to discuss each event

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