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Battle for Middle Earth 2

Worst 2v2 team

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# 61Crabby Lobster Mar 5 2011, 17:42 PM
QUOTE(Turbo` @ Mar 5 2011, 04:38 AM) *

just agree its a bad combo instead of talking talking and in the end still saying its the 3rd worst matchup you can get lol

I didn't exactly admit it's the third worst. I said there were two worse than it. I think there are some other teams that kind of suck about just as much as Isen/Elves.

QUOTE(Ana @ Mar 5 2011, 12:08 PM) *

You were probably playing someone shit.

That's very possible.

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# 62SilverBane Aug 24 2013, 19:48 PM
I think the combo who suck most is elves/elves, elves/isen and isen/isen.
Usually double suck but not mordor or goblins or motw.

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# 63bushit Sep 5 2013, 23:19 PM
Double dwarf sucks because it's double boring.

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