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Battle for Middle Earth 2

The Finale Tournament

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# 1Deth Apr 19 2011, 16:06 PM
It's your last chance to score some extra points onto that Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard! This Saturday, there shall be a FFA Tournament which marks the end of the Ultimate Tournament. And it's not just any FFA Tournament. We have had an exciting 8 player map created specially for this Tournament! All credit goes to ShadowKirisin (aka {81st}Drizzt) for making the map.

Important Details

Date: Saturday 23rd April
Time: 16:00 GMT (Check your time zone)
Format: It's a FFA Tournament. Depending on how many players show up, depends on how we run the first rounds. It will either be 1v1 qualifying matches to reach a final 8 player FFA OR we will do 4 player FFA qualifiers. All will be revealed on Saturday!


And now, the bit you've been waiting for. How many points will you get for playing in this tournament? Well let's just say if you play in this tournament you stand a very good chance of winning the $100! Make sure you're there.

Participating Points: 200pts

And if you qualify for the final 8 player FFA you will get the below added on to that 200.

Winner: 1500pts
Runner-up: 1000pts
Third: 700pts
Fourth: 600pts
Fifth: 500pts
Sixth: 400pts
Seventh: 300pts
Eighth: 200pts

So as you can see, theres a lot of points up for grabs here, so don't miss your chance to win that money. Don't worry if you haven't played in the Ultimate Tournament yet, you can still do the Scavenger Hunt, Jeopardy, post Replays, make Shoutcasts and of course play in this Ultimate Finale Tournament!

Good luck!

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# 2MasterOfPhate Apr 19 2011, 19:32 PM
ffa tournament sounds interesting to me

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# 3VeNeNo` Apr 19 2011, 22:33 PM
gl & hf guys wink.gif

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