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ControlBarPro Issue

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# 1Neo` Sep 29 2021, 19:16 PM

i re-installed my game and use the genpatcher. After the successfull installation i also installed or copied the data for the controlbarproHD 1600x900 in my folder. The result was the same as before - before means together with my final uncut 2.5 - i see the black texture behind from the old controlbar. The readme says that something is modified but i thought together with the genpatcher everything will work and i have deleted everything before the re-installation...

I use the Most Wanted Edition and itīs an original and now without any other uncut patch except the Lite version from the gentool side.

How can i fix that black texture behind?

Thx and greetz

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Game: CNC Zero Hour

# 2Neo` Sep 29 2021, 20:19 PM
Ok... i can imagine the answer from xezon:

"Install GenTool 8.5"

To my defense, i thought if i install GenTool via GenPatcher i will have the actual version but it gaves me 8.4

Now everything looks fine and this topic can be closed.

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Game: CNC Zero Hour


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