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Posted by: Fused Jun 27 2009, 03:58 AM

A few days ago it was announced that Treyarch will be including a code-hook for CoD TV in the v1.5 patch for Call of Duty World at War. CoD TV is a system which allows players to stream their gameplay to others at much lower bandwidth costs than traditional streaming. You would watch the stream through the game client too, meaning no low definition fuzzy streams. It would be the equivalent of players using the /record command, while the content is streamed directly to other players rather than being saved to a file on the local hard disk.

The code has been around since the original Call of Duty, however it fell by the wayside and has only recently been picked up again by Activision and Treyarch. Garetjax, the man behind the original PAM mod for Call of Duty and the original CoD TV too, spoke to shortly after the support was announced.

He spoke about how the service will compliment existing stream sites such as and, also including the ability for shoutcasters to layer a commentary over the top of streams. ''Whatever the medium is, as long as it's easier for the players and teams to broadcast, and they add their voice, I think it's good for everyone.'' He was unable to comment on Modern Warfare 2, except to say that ''there has been discussion,'' in a hopeful tone of voice.

CoD TV would be a major bonus for the competetive side of the Call of Duty series, and if it proves successful in boosting WaW's already lacklustre competetive aspect then we can cross our fingers in hope that Activision will push Infinity Ward to include CoD TV support in MW2. You can check out CoD TV as it progresses on

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Posted by: yayaracecar Jun 27 2009, 20:31 PM

this is good news YAY

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