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# 61KillerMike Aug 15 2006, 01:11 AM
Grub, your deck is defienty for a ff, so if that is what you plan on doing use that. But if you plan on doing some extended colonial fighitng you might want to add some 700 food/wood crates, two towers, long range inf. upgrade and hand cav upgrade are all good imo. And to Issac, he should defiently NOT, remove the 1000wood in fortress. 1000 wood fortress card is very good cause it lets you get a tc and you still have 400 wood left over.

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# 62Acewind Sep 24 2006, 00:37 AM
Attached ImageCan you guys (and Gals) help me out with my deck, i am not sure if this is a good set up..

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# 63lolololol Sep 24 2006, 03:11 AM

all of those unit upgrade cards

1 falconet

early skirmishers

richelieu's regiment



2 falconets

700 wood

1000 wood

1000 gold

8 skirmishers

Optional (at least I think)

any 600 resource cards

7 skirmishers

3 curaisseurs

pioneers (if you expect a rush)

native treaties (when appropriate)

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# 64Grubnessul Sep 24 2006, 07:52 AM
I'd remove a few of the unit upgrade cards, the cavalry combat is imo not to shabby nor is the team ranged infantry attack, for colonial fights you might even want to keep the cavalry attack card if you expect to use hussars a lot in colonial.

remove the furriers card and change it for pioneers or atp depending on if you want to use natives or expect to be rushed. remove the early skirmishers maybe unless you're fighting ottomans, depends then.

I'd change 700 food for 700 wood since wood takes longer to gather.

I'm not a big fan of richelieu's regiment myselve since it ships hussars that I rarly use, and in industrial you'll mostly have enough resources to build whatever you need.

I would add swish pikemen aswell but that just a personal preference for some strong siege/ anti cav units.

and upgrade the 1 falconet to 2, and maybe add a skirmisher shipment in fortress age

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# 65aimo Dec 28 2006, 09:24 AM
Yeh but keep the team unit upgrade cards,

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