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CNC Zero Hour

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# 1k1ll3r Jun 25 2006, 15:08 PM
  1. Report your losses.
  2. Don't report for others unless asked by that member or you've seen a replay and have checked the validity of it.
  3. Don't flame no matter what.
  4. No cheating/hacks/exploits etc. If i suspect any of you are doing this then I will launch a thorough investigation. If I prove it then you are out, no exceptions.
  5. All clan moderators must not abuse their power. If you do then you will be removed.
  6. Any members promoted to captain rank on cw.cc are allowed to recruit ppl to this clan. Unless you know that they fulfill the expectations of this clan then they must place a request in the pinned topic in this forum. If anyone places a request in the pinned topic then captains can also recruit.
-LoGn- + -LoGn2- + -LoGn3- Rosters:






k1ll3r [2]
Cap Hero


Current Violations:

-LoGn- = None
-LoGn2- = -LoGn3- `xG -oD|
-LoGn3- = None

Improving your game

Rep Packs.

Below is a link that will take u to the replay topic that contains the link to all the big rep packs. Download them, watch them, copy them. Practice makes perfect. Link

How to come closer to being a better player
Guide to playing vs a better player, by Dustman

If you think anything should be added then PM me or make a topic in the forum
I will make sure this is constantly updated. If anyone would like to help then let me know


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