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Red Alert 3

Dual Duel 11 Registration - 145$ Prize

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# 1Inspector RaGe Jan 23 2022, 23:56 PM
Discussion and registration for:

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1st: 90$ (split 2 ways)

1st: 40$ (split 2 ways)

Random Draw: 15$


* Make sure you download 1.12.6 Maps in order to participate in this event. *

Don't forget the the live replay tool.

You will need to be set up with C&C: Online so make sure you do that before the day of. Remember, GameReplays is not the place to get help with C&C: Online. Head to the Revora support forums for help with C&C: Online.

Please post your Team Name and the in game names your team will be using on the day of, including substitutes if you have one.

Dual Duel #11 will be on Saturday, January 29th beginning at 14:00 GMT. We will meet in the Tournaments 01 lobby immediately after your team checks-in. Time differences can be cross-checked using the timer on the home page. biggrin.gif

Registration closes at 13:45 GMT, January 29th. Check-ins will open at 13:00 and remain open until 13:55 GMT. Remember only registered teams/players will be able to check-in.

Free Agents:
  1. Bashley
  2. Dimon

Registered Teams

Team 1 Name: Team Dark Alert
Player 1: DarkNage
Player 2: Greenalert

Team 2 Name: We'r back
Player 1: Zezo
Player 2: Zaar

Team 3 Name: Kansloos
Player 1: Dutch
Player 2: Pika

Team 4 Name: SvEk
Player 1: BluesMagoos
Player 2: Yuno

Team 5 Name:
Player 1:
Player 2:

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Inspector RaGe   Dual Duel 11 Registration - 145$ Prize   Jan 23 2022, 23:56 PM
-YuNo-   I have no team yet, but I join as free agent.   Jan 25 2022, 16:09 PM
DarkNage_   me and greenalert on   Jan 25 2022, 16:45 PM
Zezo   me n zaar team : we'r back   Jan 27 2022, 09:52 AM
Dutcharmy   Me and Pika Team name : Kansloos   Jan 28 2022, 14:39 PM
Bashley   agent   Jan 28 2022, 20:48 PM
BluesMagoos   Me and Yuno Playing. Team name: Team SvEk   Jan 29 2022, 02:09 AM
Inspector RaGe   XOUTH has donated 20$ bringing up the prize p...   Jan 29 2022, 02:19 AM

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