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In memory of Sept 11

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# 1KingSpillBlood Sep 11 2008, 20:04 PM
I know many people do not come to this forum, but I feel a topic is necessary here to remember 9/11, as a small gesture of sorrow and memory.

To all those involved or have lost family and loved ones on this tragic day you are in the thoughts and prayers of people around the world.

Victims List

Also remember the soldiers who carry out the defense of this country and its interests, of allied countries, and the Iraqi people who fight to secure the democracy in their homeland.

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# 2Fledge Sep 23 2008, 17:40 PM
Agreed completely.

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# 3AntiElfman Sep 25 2008, 21:44 PM
fighting for peace <3

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# 4DarthAMOR Nov 12 2009, 16:11 PM
very sad day!
I was in the USA while it happened during my exchange student year..
Just visited WTC 2month ago sad.gif
RIP all the victims of stupid terrorist attacks excl.gif

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# 5KingSpillBlood Nov 14 2009, 17:20 PM
What a shame that it is taking this long to rebuild it.

There is discussion about removing the name "freedom tower" because "freedom" might offend some people.

If we don't call it a freedom tower because we could offend fascists and communists, then I wouldn't be surprised if that fucking building should crash on principle.

If it's just going to be a hole in the ground, sell the land to commerce. It's a huge hole in some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

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