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DoW3 Salt?

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# 81Spirit. May 3 2017, 10:42 AM
Anyone encountered truck spam yet in teamgames?

I just had a 2v2 game with blasta and the enemy ork was rushing for trukks and did spam them. He had the doctrin so you could use that range catapult attack thingy which was dealing massive damage and is kinda unavoidable and it deals massive damage to buildings and shield gens too. His sm mate was going for tac spam with plasma. We tried to go t2 and did field some lanspeeders and las devs but it was already to late.... They did that on the small swamp map.

I also have trouble as sm vs wraithguard spam, dont really know what to do vs that im talking about teamgames as i havent played any 1v1s yet. Noisy elmo told me to try las devs vs wraithguards, not sure if it works. Its really hard to deal with them if they also got elites etc to support them, dont really know what to build against mass wraithguards yet.

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# 82eroda Oct 11 2017, 14:32 PM
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