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Supreme Commander 2

Beating a Gunship Rush

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# 1Ruanek May 21 2012, 23:42 PM
I recently started playing SC2 online with a friend. However, I always seem to lose when he decides to rush to gunships (as Cybran, I'm usually UEF) and amass a large number of them. Mobile AA don't seem to work very well, and ground AA fall quickly when he attacks with a lot of them. I could try building more ground AA and place them under factory shields, but it seems like that wouldn't be a good way to use my resources (a large amount would be spent on defense, which is static, versus an army). Building wasps doesn't seem like a good idea, because they're more situational (I wouldn't initially know if I should start with them) and I'd just end up having to spam them. What should I do?

We usually use the Clarke Training Center map, and we don't use the DLC (he doesn't have it).

Recently I tried a 3-factory rush. I was able to destroy his factory and a few mass extractors, but I couldn't do enough against the gunships and I lost my initial force to his gunships (I got his ACU down to maybe 10% of its health). After that I added some mobile AA, but they didn't seem effective. I thought about going for the land AA upgrade, but I didn't have enough research points and he steamrolled my base/ACU with his gunships.

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# 2NuclearPizza May 22 2012, 13:37 PM

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# 3redarrow7216 May 22 2012, 14:50 PM
start 1 air to scout. Than scout him every minute or so to see what he builds.

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# 4Feuer der veraenderung May 23 2012, 18:07 PM
Gunships have realy much hp, you should try to kill often a few gunships before he attack. What I mean is, attack with an few ground units one massextractor and if he use gunhsips to stop the small attack you can kill the gunships with your wasps and you lose only your groundforces, if he doesn't have anti air at this place.

I hope that I explained it right.

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