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# 1xFactor Oct 5 2007, 03:24 AM
[h1]Clearing and Capturing a Command Point using Tactical Aid[/h1]

In today's tip we will look at how to clear and capture a command point in a matter seconds using only Tactical Aid. This is most commonly used in smaller clanmatches where you cannot have units always on every point. It can be done on your own but you will need to make sure you have enough TA or it can be done with an ally depending on what roles you are playing.

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The first step in doing this is deciding what kind of unit you will be using to capture the command point (troop transport, airborn infantry, or a light tank). Deciding which one you use will depend greately on what role you are, for example if you are armor then you can drop 2 light tanks for 12 TA while if you dropped infantry it would cost you 20.

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Once you have selected which drop you will be using go ahead and place it then switch over to the indescriminate strike TA and select a double airstrike (if there are 3 points you will have to do 3 ofcourse). When the timer counting down until your units land is at about 23-24 place your strikes, if you wait any longer you risk hitting your own units and not capturing the point. Now your strike will hit 2-3 seconds before your units land and will have cleared out any enemy units within the point and hopefully taken out or damaged any of the fortifications that they have set up there.

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