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# 341Dyxtra Sep 6 2009, 10:11 AM
QUOTE(ThisIsKindergarten @ Aug 30 2009, 13:38 PM) *

@Dyxtra: I wonder whether CoH can be controlled via SendMessage()? Then one could prepare some scripts to execute a known set of commands and get the current ObjectIDs automatically. Don't have the time now to try this but will do later (> 1 month) if you haven't already.

Mmm automated ID collection, tasty. I dig the idea, but I don't think SendMessage() will be the way to do it. Interesting stuff to look into though. If all else fails we can always record mouse/kb actions performing commands tongue.gif

(PS sorry for the late reply, don't really keep track of the forum anymore)

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# 342aramonkg May 28 2011, 22:33 PM
An updated cohra.dat file for 2.602 can be found in this post.

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# 343youb Feb 15 2019, 07:56 AM
does someone have a version of cohra who works for replays of 2.601 (no steam version) under win 7 or win 10 ?
links on http://dyxtra.com/coh/ seems to be dead


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