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Red Alert 3

anyone still here?

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# 1mbr.to Dec 23 2014, 20:46 PM
i have started playing a bit again recently. anyone still active?

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# 2kiro Dec 24 2014, 08:33 AM
Hey mbr,

It's been a long time that we have not seen you ^^

Ya we're still there and still being the most active and BEST clan ever, as it has always been tho ahah ^^

Unfortunately our forum has been deserted since we use to skype each other or just pm'ing in game. But I'm still checking it, and I'm sure the others aswell, since JeJe, Patie, Tony, Raptor, Lictor, AngelWings, Xia, Wolphin are still active on GR.

Most active players in game actualy are ME, JeJe and GoW. Then we have Tony, Raptor, THC_SNiP3r. And time to time SuperXia AngelWings and Wolphin.

Anyway, welcome back and I'm looking forward to seeing you in game : )

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