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Blizzard releases "We Are Overwatch" theatrical teaser

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# 1Onyx Dec 19 2015, 00:27 AM

The Overwatch closed beta remains off the air for now, and may not be back for awhile: mid-to-late January hopefully, but later if necessary. So here's a "We Are Overwatch" theatrical teaser to stave off the shakes while you wait.
The video doesn't have much to say about the game itself, but it is kind of stirring, in the way Blizzard's traditionally excellent teasers tend to be. It's clearly set in the years prior to the collapse of the Overwatch organization, and there's a ring of authenticity to it, too; it reminds me a bit of this Canadian Forces recruiting ad from a few years back, with the way it depicts craptacular situations remedied by the heavily-armed heroes riding to the rescue.
Source: PCGamer Newsletter

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